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Billy Garrett, Sekou Wiggs, Zak Irvin Form Lifelong Friendship In The Big Apple

Billy Garrett, Sekou Wiggs, and Zak Irvin spent a short time in Westchester, but formed a lasting friendship.

Delaware 87ers v Westchester Knicks Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA G League goes through constant change each season. In most cases, the NBA’s minor league is a revolving door and players will use the league to catapult themselves to high levels. Every player continues to put in consistent work in the gym with the hopes of living out their dream in making it to the NBA or a long career overseas. Several players will likely spend one season, or even in some cases multiple seasons, together in an organization.

As the five month season progresses, players on a team will form a strong connection and deep bond that extends off the court. Some players will develop a strong bond and form life long friends among their teammates.

Billy Garrett, Sekou Wiggs, and Zak Irvin spent parts of two seasons together in Westchester. The trio were a part of teams that recorded a combined 61 victories and made two postseason appearances in consecutive seasons. The three developed a great friendship off the court and it’s something Garrett will always carry.

“It’s a bond that won’t be broken,” Garrett said. “These will be lifetime friends for me no matter where they go. No matter where I go. I’ll always talk to my Westchester Knick teammates. Honestly, I still talk to everybody from last year’s team. We got a group chat to be honest. That’s one thing that’s different about this organization is it’s really a family atmosphere and everybody works together. Everybody talks to each other. It helps us grow as friends and as players, so it’s something I’ll always carry with me and these guys are here for me for the rest our time.”

Garrett and Irvin knew each other long before the two arrived in the Big Apple. Even though the three were together for a short time in Westchester, they grew their relationship as each day passed. Along with Garrett, Irvin grew close to Wiggs during their time in White Plains.

“I feel like if you got a close knit group on the court, you’re definitely going to be like that off the court as well,” Irvin said. “I’m pretty close with Billy (Garrett) and Su (Sekou Wiggs). We’ve grown our relationship ever since we’ve been here. Those two guys I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. I knew Billy before I got here. We’ve known each other about 15 years now, so it will continue to grow and (he) will probably be at my wedding one day.”

Players work on building chemistry and continuity, which can translate on the court and can lead to success. Just as that can work on the court, player’s connections can carry off the court and lead to connecting off the court.

“Basketball is a game to where it really really brings peers together,” Wiggs said. “You’re able to learn about other people and able to take what they give you on and off the court. My relationships with all my teammates, but Billy and Zak especially included, are where we just vibe off the court and on the court. It really helps us on the court with chemistry.”

The Westchester Knicks detailed the trio’s Monopoly contests as the regular season progressed. It was a competitive game the trio often played after games where they were able to take their minds off basketball and enjoy themselves. The Knicks featured standings on who tallied the most victories and gave out a trophy to the champion in a halftime interview at the end of the regular season.

The three players will be separated by more than a thousand miles this season. Garrett is set to get his first taste of international play, as he will play with Élan Chalon in France. Wiggs will return to Europe and play with Kleb Basket Ferrara in Italy. Irvin is currently unsigned for the 2019-20 season.

The trio spent a short time in Westchester, but built a strong bond that will last forever.