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V.J. King’s Chance With Westchester Knicks Means Everything To Him

In his rookie season, V.J. King is thriving in his current role and making progressions in his development.

Westchester Knicks vs Wisconsin Herd Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Three years in college is quite the journey for any student-athlete. It's one chapter of a player’s career that helps mold them as a player and will create memories on the court that will last a lifetime.

V.J. King spent three years at Louisville and had his best season as a sophomore where he averaged 8.5 points and 3.3 rebounds per game. While he had a year of eligibility left, King felt it was best to take the next step towards his professional career rather than return for his senior season.

“I just really didn’t think another year of college would have done anything more for what I had, so I just felt like it was time to make that jump,” King told Ridiculous Upside.

The NBA Draft came around and the Louisville product didn't hear his name called at the Barclays Center. The following day, the 6’5” forward signed with the New York Knicks. It was a chance to showcase his skills and an opportunity to work his way towards the NBA. He said, “All I needed was a chance,” not long after signing with the Knicks and that chance means everything to him.

“It means everything,” King said. “They believed in me to give me a chance to play on this team and I just want to take advantage of it every day.”

King joined Westchester as an affiliate player after getting waived by the New York Knicks. He played in 13 of the team’s first 15 games. He missed close to a month of action due to a hamstring strain and knee soreness then returned to the court in the middle of January.

The Knicks forward made an immediate upon returning to the team, while scoring in double digits and drained two perimeter shots. King felt when he returned to action, he was trying to come out and help win games.

“Just try to come out and play the right way and win games,” King said. “That’s the biggest thing that’s going to get you noticed in this league. Just try to win and learn how to become a winner in this league.”

King feels like he is thriving in his current role, along with making progressions in his development.

“I feel like I did good job with that,” King said. “But some days like today (Feb. 1), I couldn’t really get it going. But defensively, I could have been a lot better. So just being consistent in areas like that, I feel like it really helped me.”

The rookie forward continued by discussing what aspects of his game he is looking to work on in the final stretch of the season and what he expects in himself in the remaining part of his rookie campaign.

“For me, just trying to be more consistent,” he continued. “Be myself and let my game play. It’s not really about the stuff I do in the stat sheet, but just being consistent and just playing the right way. I think the biggest thing is just making my three point shot more consistent. That’s probably the biggest part that I’m working on right now.”