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With March Madness Season Nearing, Westchester Knicks Discuss Most Memorable Collegiate Moment

Westchester Knicks detailed their college moments that they will remember the most.

Salt Lake City Stars v Westchester Knicks Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

A collegiate journey is a huge chapter of a player’s life. An athlete can spend multiple years in the collegiate ranks and form many lifelong memories. That can include team wins, trips to the NCAA Tournament, winning the championship (NCAA or conference), and individual performances.

Along with the memories, players will form bonds and friendships that will last long after they leave their respective program.

Several players from this year’s Westchester Knicks discussed their most memorable moment and what will be their lasting memory from their time in the collegiate ranks.

Kenny Wooten: “I feel like going to the Sweet 16. That was definitely the most memorable thing. Actually, I would defiantly say it was when we won the Pac-12 Tournament because we weren’t expected to win it all then we ended up winning the whole thing and I won with my teammate that’s on the other team (Grand Rapids Drive), Louis King. I would definitely say that it was it.”

Andrew White III: “Probably my senior day at Syracuse. Got a much needed win versus Georgia Tech. Had 40 points in front of eight or 10 of my family members. It was my last home game in the Carrier Dome. Last home game of my college career, so it was a memorable moment for me.”

Amir Hinton: “My most memorable moment would have to be my 50 point game last year. It was just something fun. It was a great atmosphere. And also us going to the championship game and doing that big thing for us, but it was fun. It was fun. I enjoyed that.”

Lamar Peters: “My teammates, man. My teammates. My coaches. They all believed in me. They welcomed me in with open arms, so it was really my team. I spent a lot of time with those guys. Like that’s the most part that I miss. It’s just being with my team, but it’s been good so far.”

V.J. King: “I would say the memories we had off the court with my teammates. I would say those are the most memorable things. We had a good time on the court, but off the court is where we really had the most fun.”

Ivan Rabb: “Going undefeated at home my first year. I think were were 18-0. That was probably the best thing.”

Tim Bond: “That’s hard to probably guess a favorite memory off the top of my head. We had a lot of good times my four years there. A lot of great memories. I’d say my best memory probably is when I hit the game-winner against NIU (Northern Illinois) in my junior year. That’s really on the top of my head right now. That’s probably my favorite memory.”

Tyler Hall: “Just the overall experience that I had. I learned a lot. I grew a lot as a person on and off the floor. Just overall, I don’t think there’s one thing specific. Just having a good career there and building a lot of lifetime relationships.”

Zak Irvin: “It would be my senior year. After the plane incident and for us to go and win the Big 10 Tournament championship. Four wins in four days. That will be something I’ll always remember.”