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The Chris Priczak Show: Episode One On RBA Showcase With BJ Bass, John Petrucelli, Scott McGuire

On the first episode of The Chris Priczak Show, BJ Bass, John Petrucelli and Scott McGuire discuss the RBA Showcase.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Since it’s inception in 2009, the RBA Showcase has become one of the top scouting events where NBA and overseas organizations are seeking to find talent who can make a contribution to their organization. 25 players competed at the 2019 Showcase and each player suited up for a team team either in the United States or overseas. 35 NBA Scouts, who represented 25 teams, scouted the event last year, while all 30 NBA teams have scouted the RBA Showcase.

Since the first year of the RBA Showcase, 14 NBA Contracts were signed, four players inked two-way contracts, more than 50 Summer League invites, more than 125 NBAGL contracts signed, and more than 500 FIBA contracts agreed upon.

On the first episode of The Chris Priczak Show, BJ Bass discussed how players look at competing at the RBA Showcase knowing what a good outing could lead to, how the Showcase has built a platform where it gives an opportunity to under the radar talent, and more.

John Petrucelli, who was born in Hicksville, NY, detailed what it was like competing at one of the top local showcases, what it meant to compete at the RBA Showcase, what his mentality was like heading into the event, and more.

Scott McGuire, who was a college scout for the New York Knicks for 25 years, talked about what kind of skills and intangibles he looks for players to show, how the event has grown where teams can find contributors and possibly players who can be diamonds in the rough, if the event has become a place more players want to compete at due to players in the previous years having success post-Showcase, and more.

Episode One: The RBA Showcase

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