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The Chris Priczak Show: Episode Two On The Basketball Tournament With Mario Casamajor

On the second episode of The Chris Priczak Show, Mario Casamajor talks about The Basketball Tournament and his team, The Islands.

Photo Credit: Chris Costello

The Basketball Tournament has become an event that you circle on your calendar every summer. Every game for the past six years has been filled with great action and superb competition. It’s must see action from tip off to the Elam Ending.

While 118 teams entered their name in the 2020 TBT, only 24 teams were selected and will compete for the $1+ million grand prize. One of the teams that didn’t qualify was The Islands. The team was made up of players who just wrapped up their collegiate careers and who are set to embark on their professional careers. The Islands consisted of Daniel Soetan, Garrett Sams, Josh Williams, Emmanuel Olojakope, Ivan Gandia-Rosa, Jordan Blount, Jeantal Cylla, and Dylan Frye.

The team’s General Manger and head coach is Mario Casamajor, who spent two seasons with the Iowa Wolves and one season with the Windy City Bulls. Casamajor coached Mac Irvin Fire in the Nike EYBL, high school ball, and in NY2LA Basketball Association prior to joining the NBA G League.

Mario Casamajor, Basketball Operations Associate for the Iowa Wolves, joined The Chris Priczak Show to discuss how playing in The Basketball Tournament could have helped advance the players’ career by showcasing their skills on a large platform, what impressed him the most about the team, what he learned under Jeff Van Gundy & how he thought those lessons would have helped him as a coach in TBT, and more.

Episode Two: The Basketball Tournament