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Westchester Knicks Continue To Build Track Record Of Development, Pushing Players To NBA

Westchester has continued to develop their players, while 11 players have earned a combined 15 NBA call-ups in six years.

Westchester Knicks v Lakeland Magic Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

Since the Westchester Knicks joined the NBA G League (then D-League) in 2014, the organization has continued to develop and prepare players for their professional careers whether that be in the NBA or overseas.

The Knicks have surrounded their players with superb resources, which includes a great development system with former players who have experience in playing in the NBA. Westchester has brought in coaches who are great teachers of the game and have great individual resumes in the coaching ranks.

Head coach Derrick Alston and former assistant coach Keith Bogans have played in the Association and had long professional careers, while assistant coach Lisa C. Willis has five years of playing experience and was one of the top shooters at UCLA. Willis helped players like Zak Irvin with his shooting during the 2019-20 season.

Former players praised former Mike Miller, who was head coach from 2015-2019, for giving them opportunities to shine and how he prepared players to play.

The Dub Knicks earned a G League-high five total call-ups during the 2017-18 season, which tied hem with the Texas Legends and Northern Arizona Suns. Westchester has seen 10 promotions to the Association, which sits behind the Canton Charge and Sioux Falls Skyforce (11) in the past three seasons.

52 Westchester alumni either played in the NBA G League or leagues overseas during the 2019-20 season. There are several former Dub Knicks that have worked on their game in Westchester who played in the Association.

Kenny Wooten feels that the G League was a stepping stone for him to the NBA.

“I feel like this is definitely a stepping stone for me,” Wooten said in November of 2019. “I feel like a lot of people have been sent (to the NBA) and played in the G League that have made it up (to the NBA). I have a teammate, Chris Boucher. I talk to him all the time. He tells me like I’m on the right path, so I feel like I’m definitely doing what I have to and I feel like this is definitely the journey I got to take.”

Andrew White III said it’s really good the organization gives the players a serious look since it encourages the players to do the right things.

“It’s good that they really give us a serious look,” White III said in November of 2019. “That’s big because it encourages everybody to play the right way and to do the right things. I think everybody has that optimism that they can take that step up to the next level. For me personally, it just makes me make sure that I’m handling my business every day, preparing myself, and playing good winning basketball because that’s what they want to see to get up to that level.”

Not only is Amir Hinton motivated to get to the NBA, but he believes it’s a plus for him to be in an organization that has a record of preparing players for the NBA.

“I’m motivated to get to the NBA. That’s my main goal,” Hinton said in November of 2019. “That’s the biggest goal on my list right now. To be here in an organization that has a record of developing players and moving players on and having the record that they have, I think it’s a plus for me. Coming from a small Division II school and wanting to get more exposure and wanting to learn, I think being here is very beneficial to me and I’m going to take full advantage of it when the time comes.”