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Ridiculous Upside Q&A: What Freedom Do G League Players Have Within System? Has Covid Impacted Ignite’s Ability To Recruit International Prospects

Dakota Schmidt answers questions from Ridiculous Upside’s Twitter followers.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han via Imagn Content Services, LLC

During the initial year of the Ignite run last year, everyone that signed Select Contractswere eligible for the 2020 NBA Draft, so the length of the deal was a singular year. However, Scoota Henderson signing a contract, despite him being in the 2022 high school class and not being eligible to declare fore the NBA Draft until 2023 makes the general length of an Ignite contract more of a question mark.

At this point, it seems like the G League Select contracts for these Ignite players last until they’re eligible to declare for the NBA Draft.

This is a question that I’m not too positive about the answer. However, I’d guess that it simply depends on the teams and the system that they’re running. To be honest, I’d guess that it can be a mixed system with more emphasis on genuine player freedom as the practice time and amount of roster movement makes it tough for players to really get acquainted with the system.

Honestly, the current effects of COVID on a global scale, and especially the United States, would make it seem difficult for international players to be attracted to the G League Ignite. However, Australian wing Dyson Daniels has officially committed to the G League Ignite rather than staying in his country to play in their NBL (National Basketball League). The strength of that league plus their emphasis on developing players for the NBA makes it seem like there isn’t much of an issue on behalf of the G League.

Also, fFanbo Zeng, who has played high school ball at Windermere Prep in Florida but spent the last year in China, is reportedly decomitting from Gonzaga to join the G League Ignite. However, as of the time of this piece, the G League hasn’t officially announced his addition to the Ignite program.

Currently, Georgia standout guard Scoota Henderson stands as the only G League Ignite player that won’t be eligible for the 2022 NBA Draft. However, that list could double as Emoni Bates recently reclassified to the 2021 high school class and has the Ignite as one of his four options. If he decides to go the Ignite route, he won’t be eligible until the 2023 NBA Draft as he doesn’t turn 19 until January of that year.