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The Ridiculous Upside Mock Draft Contest

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Mock drafts are in and of themselves kind of ridiculous.  We accept this, nay, we relish it.  The thing is, the only people that really know are the front office officials in the war rooms, and a few well connected media people.  The rest is just conjecture. Which is why we always say our mock drafts are centered on the philosophy of what we feel teams should do, right now, with their current roster, absent possible trades, re-signings, and the dreaded "best player available" postulate which we despise.

But in the end, these are more just ways to look at teams roster and target areas of potential improvement.  Anyone can do a mock draft. Anybody.

Even you.

We've set up a little mock draft tool .  Be sure not to draft the same dude twice.  Only one entry, and you have have an SB Nation account name and be a member of Ridiculous Upside.  If there is a significant trade between now and the draft, we'll register it and you're allowed to send in another mock draft. Just in case the Nuggets get frisky.  All you have to do is fill in the player for the teams. If someone jumps into the first round projections among the usual suspects, we'll add them. Also, if you want to lobby for a player's inclusion, leave it in the comments and we'll take it under advisement.

Winner gets a prize pack of basketball goodies. We'll be giving away prizes for the most accurate drafts, as well as for what we feel is the most creative.  No trades are allowed, either of personnel or picks. If you want to send an accompanying email for why yours is so cool, send it to ridiculousupside(at) gmail(dot) com. 

Should be fun, enjoy!

Click here to access the mock drafter .