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Don't Turn Your Head

Make sure you check out Sirhossalot's recap to a Sioux Falls loss to Dakota in the fan posts. It's a solid read.

The Iowa Energy pulled off a win against the quickly slipping Erie Bayhawks last night, 88 - 86. Othyus Jeffers scored 21 on a dismal 8 for 22 shooting and dismal is really the best way to describe the shooting overall this game. Iowa was 44% from the field and Erie was 39%. It's easy to see why though, as both teams were working with basically a seven man roster. With so many missed shots, it make sense to see how Erie had three guys in double-figure rebounding, and Iowa still managed to pull off the W despite their 18 turnovers. Iowa's Marvin Phillips and Erie's Jackie Manuel were really the only bright spots in this game, as they...ya know, didn't miss so many damn shots. Erie's lost five straight. But ya know, they can always fall on the excuse that they are an expansion team. That's what I'd do.

Two bad teams took the court last night; the difference between the two? James White. Anaheim and Los Angeles went head-to-head in a matchup that saw the Arsenal walking away with a win, 103 - 91. White had 30 in this one. This guy is not slowing down at all. He really is carrying this team on his back. All five Arsenal starters scored in double figures and the team shot 53% on the night. D-Fenders? Eh, so many jokes could be made. LA continued on the dismal tradition, shooting just 37%. Not a single guy shot over 50%. All of LA's starters would have scored in double figures too, but mister Darren Cooper shot 3 for 12. That's really not deserving of much. LA's still the worst team in the league.

Also, it's about time, but we finally got a player blogging (despite Rod Benson, who's always a good read as well) this season. That player would be Brent Petway and his first post is a nice read. So make sure you check that out.

The Mad Ants have followed up their four game win streak with two losses, which is something I've gotten used to. My teams losing is what's comfortable for me. I can accept that. However, I was thinking about the team in a way other than a "oh please stop losing" way. I was thinking of the most solid, all-around player on the team, and I'd definitely have to go with Shawn Hawkins. He's easily the best lock-down defender on the team, and he has a very consistent shot. Not to mention he's probably the most athletic guy on the team as well (his dunks during warm-ups are always the most entertaining). His stats don't show it, but when do they ever?

Tonight's only game is the Ants going up against the Utah Flash. The Flash have won two straight and are still looking good despite Bill Walker and JR Giddens being called up. I still think Fort Wayne is capable of pulling away with the win here however. We'll see, as Ronald Dupree is looking great for the team right now.