Sioux Falls loses 4th straight at home 106-91


Another tough loss for the new look Skyforce.

From the outside it looked like it would be Dakota's night and in a surprise to absolutely no one, that turned out to be the case.

Sioux Falls jumped out to an early lead that Dakota would quickly recapture. However as much as the Wizards tried to extend their lead, the Skyforce would never let them get comfortable.

Blake Ahearn continued his absolute domination of SF with another 30 point game. Which allows him to maintain that for his ppg avg against the 'force this year.

A six point game at half time turned into a 13 point lead with almost 4 min left in the third. Sioux Falls managed to make a game of it by cutting the lead to 7 going into the 4th and continued to put pressure on the Wizards by cutting their lead to 3 with 9:10 left in the game.

This would end up being the highpoint in the game for the Skyforce as things would go from bad to worse.

Missed opportunities including a wide open 3-pointer from Bobby Jones that he clanked off the rim and Bell from Dakota ran out for a dagger 3 pointer with 5:10 left in the game turned out to be the death knell for the Force.

After this turn around, the game quickly got out of hand. Glenn McGowan was flagged for a technical (which I honestly have no recollection of. Damn you ex-girlfriend for texting me). Unfortunately things got even worse as Bobby Jones was called for a flagrant type-2 foul at the 2:27 mark. From my vantage point, about 10 feet away from what happened, Benson got out on a fast break and headfaked to let a defender fly-by. Jones, trailing on the play, jumped to go for the block. Unfortunately Benson jumped directly into Jones' path and went flying into the back support for the hoop. This violent colision, and refusal by Benson to acknowledge the skyforce apology, lead to Jones' ejection. (Note: The Skyforce fans were none to happy) (Note 2: Of actual note, the free throws and subsequent bucket after the call pushed the Dakota lead to 14).

The Sioux Falls fan had a lot to be angry about as on the throw in, Bailey quickly advanced the ball up to McGowan who was fouled HARD by a tomahawk chop from Benson. McGowan's reaction was sufficiently rude enough to earn him a second T and early shower.

Overall, Dakota proved again that it is still a better team than the Skyforce. The Force simply could not make buckets when they counted.


Fan Analysis:

It is apparent why SF made their recent trades and acquisitions. Outside of Damon Bailey, this team is WAY bigger. Chris Ellis, acquired in exchange for Gary Forbes, is a tree-thick man. He's big. Joiner and Powell give Tibbets what he desires, guys who can defend, run, and hit the three.

With only 2 games under their belt, the new-look Force is still trying to find out how to play as a team. Ellis looked lost on a number of play and the rebounding problems have not been fixed. This team has a lot of talen but it is on Tibbets to mold them into an actual team.

I was surprised to see Williams coming off the bench. The starting line-up was Bailey, Jones, Powell, McGowan, and Edwards. However Edwards got NO burn at the end of the game and doesnt really seem to fit in with Tibbet's style. The way they force the ball into him on possessions and have everyone else watch is excruciatingly boring. Also, Chris Childress got exactly 20 seconds (Note 3: by exactly I mean, i think). After McGowan was ejected, Childress made one of 2 free throws, ran down on D, fouled a guy, and walked to the bench before his replacement could even make it to the scorer's table. His leash is more like a choke collar right now.

All in all, Ahearn proved that he still owns the Sky Force. I havent seen this type of domination from a white guy since the days of Tim Legler (bonus points for you if you can tell me why we hate him). The Force need to find out who they are if they want to make any noise in the next few weeks.

Low Light of the game: Jones and McGowan ejections. Refs made some questionable calls and let things get out of hand.

High Point: Yours truely caught a plastic ball and gave it to a young kid. I'm going to heaven. Eat it.

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