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Rod Benson's Back (in public, not the D-League (yet))

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Rod Benson Indy
Rod Benson Indy

Alright, so I disappeared for awhile.  blame it on the ah-ah ah-ah ah-alcohol.  Or blame it on the fact that it's October and no time for anything exciting that should be written about the D-League.  Your choice, really.

Anyway, last night I was watching Monday Night Raw my friend texted me and said Boom Tho was on Monday Night Raw, along with Tyler Hansbrough and someone else he didn't recognize.

Not sure how far to read into this, but either Rod Benson was released or Indiana is now letting one of their most marketable players be seen in public.  

But wait - it gets worse... He even tweeted: 

Turn on wwe Monday night raw and catch me sitting behind the announcers.

This of course all comes after his earlier tweet that said he was done tweeting until after camp.

Yesterday, Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson went a bit further in-depth, but essentially recapped the first thing I wrote on RU over two weeks ago, regarding Benson's social media goings-on and how they affected his NBA prospects.  I say Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson, but he wore the hat of Rocky Mountain News Chris Tomasson, which is a nice way to say he took the old media approach on new media.

The one part about his story that did interest me however, was the seeming dissent between Rod's agent, Bill Neff, and Rod himself, regarding Benson's chances of making the Pacers:

It might soon be a moot point. Neff believes Benson, who has totaled nine points and seven rebounds in 16 minutes while playing in two of Indiana's three preseason games, has little chance to make the Pacers due to all their guaranteed contracts. Benson doesn't agree with that assessment, saying he's been playing well.