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Ridiculous Transactions: 10/12-10/18

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So long, Dwayne Jones
So long, Dwayne Jones

Not a whole lot this week, as most teams either have already waived most of their nonguaranteed players or are keeping them around to give their starters some rest before the long season begins.

October 12: Philadelphia 76ers - waived Stromile Swift and Sean Singletary

Neither one of these players had a shot at making Philadelphia's roster, but their directions could be .  If I had to guess, I'd say Singletary will head to Europe since a lot of teams over there don't really care if a point guard can distribute the ball as long as he can score, and he never really made his mark in the NBA so there's not much for another team here to market to their fans as a reason for picking him up.  Swift still might have something left to offer NBA teams, and he may get a shot, though that likely will mean sitting around for half the season and waiting for someone better to get injured

October 14: San Antonio Spurs - waived Dwayne Jones

Booooooooooooooooo.  There was no way he was making the Spurs' roster, and bringing him to training camp and the preseason was more of a "congratulation for all your hard work for our affiliate" move.  It's still a little disappointing to read in print, however (or on the internet, whatever).

October 17: Dwayne Jones - signed with Red Star (Serbia)

Booooooooooooooooo.  It'll be too bad that I won't see Jones play for Austin again this season, but the reality is that he's already 26 years old and has no offensive game at all, so he can't cling to the D-League forever.  The rebounding is there and the defense in the paint is there, but he's not Dwight Howard.  Jones worked hard on improving his game last season, spending a lot of time on his free-throw shooting (and posting the highest mark of his career), but he had a harder time guarding guys out on the perimeter and in the mid-range area, which is becoming a necessity for NBA big men with the re-emergence of the pick and roll (among other reasons).  I definitely root for the guy, but I can't blame anyone for taking the bigger contract this year and playing overseas.