Jeremy Tyler initially struggling in Israel


From a long USA Today article: "Two games into the season, Tyler is very much a work in progress. He's averaging just more than seven minutes a game and has scored all of one point. He is already is beginning to confront questions about whether he should have stayed in school. "I only make history if I succeed. I didn't come here to fail," Tyler, sounding both frustrated and determined, said after playing a scoreless 4 minutes in a Haifa victory this week. Tyler had complained he was bored with high school competition. He now acknowledges a difficult adjustment. No longer the big man on campus, he is just another player on a professional roster, living on his own in a foreign land. There is little socializing with his teammates -- grown men, many with families, all trying to carve out professional careers of their own." A bit of a different perspective on the "going abroad" experience after many writers are now coming around on Brandon Jennings going to Italy for a year now that he is playing very well in the NBA - while initially calling it a bad year.

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