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My post-March-Madness-Opener Thoughts, in handy bullet form!

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I went to The Lodge, the best bar in Bismarck (that's saying absolutely nothing, as I only rank it as the best bar because it just opened on the other side of my favorite bar, except it's non-smoking.  And new.  And has huge dead animals that have been taxidermed.  Nothing great about it.  They card me consistently and it's the only bar I go to) for most of the day yesterday and will be there most of the day today. Thus, I watched zero D-League basketball today.  Sorry, we're doing bullets today.  

  • Go here for recaps of last nights games, and here for a recap of Idaho-Reno.
  • I'm 13 for 16 in my bracket.  Northern Iowa was a bad call, but I fell in love with Jordan Eglseder.  With a little improvement, he's got D-League written all over him.  7'1", 290 pounds, clogs the paint on both offense and defense.  Texas A&M is better than I thought.  Clemson sucks.  Go Big Ten?
  • Here, cheerers, are what we're cheering for today, in order of start time: Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Utah State (Wizards assistant Kevin Rice went there and Dominic James is really good, but not playing for Marquette), Kansas (But I won't be mad in North Dakota State wins - Dakota Wizards GM, Tom Wagganer, probably will), Arizona State, Pittsburgh, Mizzou, West Virginia, Louisville, Utah, USC, Xavier (will probably lose - I don't like them and Portland State was the college of D-League alum Pooh Jeter), Ohio State, Wake Forest, Michigan State, and Florida State.  Go Noles (and all the other teams)! 
  • I should have copied you on the e-mail I just sent to all my buddies
    about how an awful Cavs-Blazers game is still 100 times better than what
    the tourney has provided so far. Bracket madness is the only reason
    it's such a big deal, because the ball and the broadcasts are hideous in
    .  -- I stole this from an email I got tonight.  I'm going to have to agree.  I watched parts of 15 games (somehow the Washington game wasn't on TV here?) and saw a few highlights, but not one solid basketball game I was thoroughly impressed by, save for the excitement(?) of an upset.
  • The Wizards took 100 shots last night.  That's too much for this team.
  • Vance Palm and Sean Rooks = Easily the best, most knowledgeable duo in the D-League, as far as Futurecast broadcasts go.
  • I need a job.
  • Rod Benson is a stud.  22 points, 17 boards, six assists, three blocks.
  • Alton Ford is not.
  • If Sun Yue hasn't taken over the front page of with his sizzling 1-for-6 from the field, five assists, four fouls and four points night, check out Dwayne Mitchell's tat's.  If I were a Saints fan, I'd get that tat.
  • Colorado is on top of the power rankings again.  I can't disagree, but I assume it means Colorado will lose two of their next three.  Matt Brennan's power rankings = jinx.  14ers, you've been warned.

Last but not least, check this out.  Mr. Brennan compiled it.  Worth a read.

Among the highlights:

  • Los Angeles' Ryan Forehan-Kelly (Cal's most famous D-Leaguer, except for someone named Rod Benson): "We got a new coach, Coach Montgomery, so I'm excited to see what he can do with our new team; it's a whole new look at Cal. We got the 7 seed, a tough first game against Maryland, but that's why we play and why we work hard. Hopefully we'll go deep in the Tournament"  - They lost.
  • Colorado's Vernon Hamilton (Clemson): "I'm excited about Clemson's chances. I know what we're capable of doing and I expect Casey Rivers to really step up as a senior and have a breakout Tournament. I like our chances to go to the Sweet 16."  Albuquerque's Steve Allen (Also from Clemson): "Clemson is all about pride and fighting until the end. Coach Purnell stresses never to give up and to fight hard. I think we can get to the Sweet 16 and as far as the Elite 8."  -- I have no clue who Steve Allen is, but I won't trust him ever again.  Clemson is terrible.
  • Dakota's Carlos English (Cleveland State): "I really think they can make a run in the Tournament. They are one of the few teams in the country that plays solid team defense and everyone is identified to a role on the team and they follow there roles very well. That's why they are Horizon League champions." -- If you're anything like a girl I know and fill out your bracket as the games happen, trust Carlos English and write this one in early.  He's started one game and averages 7.6 minutes, shooting 25% from the field.  He did have four assists last night, but also got burned on defense.  What's this mean? He must be good at something, and that something is cheering on his team! Go Cleveland State Vikings!