Uh oh! More D-Leaguer's with things to say!


Doing some more research on the D-League blogging topic, I found that Richard Hendrix has a blog (I actually got an email about it awhile ago from the Grand Poobah of PR himself, Mr. Mike Offerdahl). "These past weeks has been some of the best couple of weeks I’ve had in a long time. Not because I had a monster game or my team won a gamewith a storybook ending. But because on our days off, a couple of my teammates from the Dakota Wizards and I got the opportunity to visit many schools in the surrounding areas in Bismarck, ND." Just click on the headline and go to the 3-22 blog for the rest. Also, are you guys also crossing Nick Nurse off of ever getting an NBA coaching gig? He has Twitter! Or Steve Newman, who has a Twitter as well? I think this should debunk the blogging is keep Mr. Benson out of the league myth.

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