Big Games, Big Names, To Be Played In D-League Tonight


I'll be at the Wizards game fairly early today - going to talk to Blake Ahearn and possibly some of the Albuquerque crew - so I'll get this up so you can guys keep me updated on any intriguing developments today (see Yue, Sun returning from an ankle injury early because he's a 6'9" left handed point guard and he needs, he needs TO play in America). Los Angeles @ Erie - Erie is currently the last team in the playoffs and LA lost Sun Yue to injury earlier this week. They also lost Joe Crawford to a call-up to the Knicks. This leaves them starting Charlie Parker and Ryan Forehan-Kelly. Mickael Gelabale is the 6th man for some reason. I'm picking Erie. Colorado @ Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne should be mad from last night's end of game happenings. Colorado was the first team to clinch a playoff berth. Colorado's won five in a row - Erie will put up a fight, but Colorado should pull it out. Bakersfield @ Tulsa - Tulsa is a good team with a terrible record. Bakersfield lost to RGV last night. Lots of pro prospects in this one - Trey Johnson, Derrick Byars, Mateen Cleaves, Shaun Livingston, Gary Forbes, DJ White. Should be a good game, but Bakersfield has more to lose, so I'll pick them to win. Albuquerque @ Dakota - Dakota comes into this game losing four straight. Both are clinging to their teams playoff hopes. I'll assume that Blake Ahearn and Antoine Agudio will combine for more than 10 3's and Dakota comes out on top. Leave your thoughts here.

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