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Sorry to be innundating you with posts today

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Marat Kogut
Marat Kogut

But this was just too good to pass up.  My first ever hate mail, from "" and his pen name is "Scott Sucks", both woefully uncreative, even by RU standards.

Since it gets a little graphic for the children, you'll have to continue on.  Apparently, Mr. Marat Kogut found the website (pictured, behind Big J).  Sorry Marat!  In it he criticizes me quite a bit, and tells me about the D-League officiating - President Reed told me about it in his most recent post.

In my defense, I do give props to the good D-League officials: Kevin Cutler, Haywoode Workman, George McDaniels, Eric Dalen, Tony Crisp, and Will Mensah (off the top of my head).

I realize I do not always have positive things to say about the D-League, but nobody likes every official, and (un?)fortunately, I have a blog that allows me to get my opinion out.

First Email

Hello there Scott.
I'm an big basketball fan, and a high school and college basketball official. I've seen what you write about the officiating in the D-League and you couldn't be more wrong. You have posted such ignorant comments about officiating on the internet - I'm not surprised why you can't find any work. If you think refereeing a professional basketball game is easy, then why don't you try out for the D-League for the upcoming season. It's June 19-21st in Los Angeles. Maybe then you'll realize how difficult it is and you'll finally shut that (censored) ignorant mouth of yours and concentrate on reporting the game you dumb mother (censored). I hope you don't find a job, (censored).

Respectfully Yours,

A D-League officiating fan :-)
(I replied saying I hoped it was Kevin Cutler, my favorite D-League Official)

Second Email

Kevin Cutler is good and is probably top 4 or 5 on my list. There's 4 others who are MUCH better in my opinion. You don't have a clue about officiating, do you? You don't care what you write about these officials who strive to do their best. They don't give a (censored) who wins or loses, unlike you, you (censored). I dont know who is officiating in Dakota tonight but I sure hope Ben is there.

Third Email

I hope I get in the D-League next year and you're still there in fargo or bismarck - wherever they play. i'd love to meet you

My response: You should come to Bismarck, that's where I'm at currently. Would love for you to sit next to me and explain the calls - it worries me that there are such big ego's with a few of the officials on the court. Tell you what, give me a call, my number was in an earlier email. I'd also like to know who, in your expert opinion, is better than Cutler.

Fourth Email

The NBA picked the following 5 guys to work the nba preseason: Brent Barnaky, Kevin Cutler (2nd time), Kane Fitzgerald, Marat Kogut (2nd time) and Josh Tiven. The NBA feels those are the best guys on the staff.

Dalen and Workman are already in the NBA so they're excluded. Crisp is a rookie whose got talent, but a long way to go (Crisp worked Vegas Summer League). There's no one on the staff named McGinnis. You're probably thinking George McDaniels. He's in his 3rd year I think...he's decent at best.

Fifth Email

Fitzgerald, Kogut and Tiven have a ton of experience and are the top guys in the program. They have a great demeanor and are very fair. You think the NBA picked those guys because they have an ego. If you knew a single thing about officiating pro ball, those 3 would be the last guys you'd say have an ego. The d-league supervisors scrutinize the staff and wouldn't tolerate anyone w/ an ego, especially the top tier guys who the NBA is looking to hire next season.