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Last Night in the D: The Replacements Color Me Impressed

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<strong>Curtis Stinson</strong> showed some heart in this game, leading his Energy past the Wizards
Curtis Stinson showed some heart in this game, leading his Energy past the Wizards

We executed the first ever Open Source Style Live Blog© last night in (the D-League for sure, and) America (more than likely).  I'm told The Score does something similar in Canada, but probably not nearly exciting.  Regardless, we're copywriting it.  Special thanks, in order of appearance, goes to IceManCometh, JRose, Rumble, TorosGirl, jo22collins, TorosGirl (when we noticed her), Rumble and last but not least, WizFan4Life.  Our 368 comments shattered our record, and probably beat some of the big boy gamethreads as well!

Anyway, on to the recap, where replacements played a big part for the Energy!

Courtney Sims who?  John Edwards gave an MVP-worthy performance - 12 points in the first quarter, which was much worse for the Wizards than the 34-31 score would allow, on his way to a 20 point night, missing just one shot from the field.  He did not, however, run for president, talk to ghosts, or become a Welsh ironmaster, as Wikipedia might have you believing.  The 7-footer did, as expected, only grab four rebounds and not get to the line once, keeping his 'Stiff' status.

JamesOn Curry was released for unspecified reasons (assuming due to the negative publicity that he received in connection with another Idaho Showcase), but Denham Brown finally stepped up in front of the home crowd.  Brown finished with 25 points, 11 boards and three steals.  Brown, if you'll remember, had his rights relinquished when Dakota signed Romel Beck while Brown was still recuperating from injury.

Curtis Stinson, who played an uneventful 12 games for the Wizards in the 2006-07 while Renaldo Major was called-up, scorched his former team.  Stinson, who's averaging an effing ridiculous 16.1 points, 8.3 assists and seven rebounds, did some amazing things.  We didn't mention him once during the game, but the Energy point guard finished with 27 points, 15 assists, eight boards and one turnover (the turnover counter may have fallen asleep, as they list Blake Ahearn with just one as well).  Regardless, that's a hell of a game.  Hell! of a game!

Aristide Sawadago was the Wizards fifth round pick last season.  Even after riding an ostrich, he still couldn't make it out of camp with Dakota.  This season, he hasn't made much of an impact with the Energy either, but Nick Nurse unleashed the Dawg tonight.  In 12:25 off the bench, 'Stide finished with 8 points, seven boards and a block, throwing down an alley-oop or two in the process.

Continue on for the rest of my recap!

Disappointing game all around for the Wizards, so we're going to make it quick.

Blake Ahearn played terribly.  Easily his worst game I've ever watched of him in the D-League, and I think I've watched 80% of them.  He consistently forced shots.  He rarely looked for the open teammate.  His decision making was the opposite of good.  On a 3-on-1 break against John Edwards, Ahearn decided to pop a 3 from the top of the key.  It shanked horrendously, but the Wizards still managed to score on the possession.  He also was Darko'd when he decided that he could throw down a reverse dunk.  Ahearn finished with 14 points on 6-of-23 shooting, 2-for-10 from beyond the arc.  He also neglected to play defense or get to the line.

Maurice Baker played well, or at least played a good first quarter, digging the Wizards out of a 10-2 deficit to score 13 points in the opening stanza.  He finished with 15 points, 12 assists and four turnovers.  It was a quiet game for Baker, so your analysis ends there.

Renaldo Major played good defense, but all five Energy starters scored at least 19 points, so it kind of got lost in the shuffle.  Major recorded five blocks and defended John Edwards for a stretch, I believe holding him scoreless.  Major also had 24 points and eight boards.  If no other Wizard shows up, Major will.  He's got heart.  He cares.

Richard Hendrix had the quietest 18 and 8 the world's ever seen... Romel Beck came off the bench to score 20 points... David Bell shot well when he didn't have to dribble, finishing with 15 points on 5-of-10 shooting from beyond the arc.

Random Notes: This will basically be the best notes from the Live Blog, in case you have a job or something lame like that and can't read the comments!


Love the Music - D-Generation X theme - Instrumental. Wouldn't have it any other way. '97 WWF FTW

Jeffers 3-point shot looks like he should be playing with Jerry West.....Rainbow.

And Mid-Atlantic Utilities with the awesome commercial from 1978. A bee calling me "My Man" I love the Futurecast.

So how long do you have to be in the D-league before they put your name on your jersey?

David Bell has the sweetest shot in the D-League. Period. If he dribbles, he'll miss. But catch and shoot, no ones better.

And I would not want to run into Richard Hendrix in a dark alleyway. If he was in a really bad mood.

And the Iowa Dance team performs "The Twist" routine from 1956.

I love replays where you miss the next TWO possessions!!!

 The High Voltage Dance team took up too much power!! (After Futurecast quit working)

Blake Ahearn with the 3 on 1 three pointer miss. And He's different from JJ Redick how?

I hope they change the lyrics and the Dance team dances to it. "We didn't break the Futurecast..."

Did Blake just get Darko'd?  On a reverse slam? Whaaa!?

Another Kyle Korver Ad!!! "People have doubted me my whole life.... but I have dreams." And more Mormon girls' panties go flying at the Futurecast.

Wizards have no Energy... Nichols can't buy a basket!

GDamn HIGH VOLTAGE DANCERSSS!! Either too much booty in the pants or too much ugly in the face.... (Futurecast went down again)

I'm still here. I feel like I need a microscope to watch this Futurecast. I guess I should just be glad it's working.

Basketball made you sleepy.... so the remedy was golf? That's like trying to sober up by drinking Vodka.

Demem Brown sounds like some kind of middle-eastern spice. (Graphics said Demem)

So many motions. I wish they would commentate through the High Voltage Dancing..... "Jessica dips, sets, flips, and splits. She's really turning it on tonight. Oh wait......I think I just threw up in my mouth."

Hahaha and that is what makes a D-league game a D-league game. In an NBA game there would be some excited, drunk college student screaming or making a dumb face. In the D-league we've got chubs with his shoes off and Khaki shorts on.

Again with the Dips and Flips....
I think they mean dip as in when they bend their knees to shoot and flip as in when they flip their wrists to shoot the ball.
I can see that.... but it just seems like an awkward turn off phrase for a foul shot.