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Tonight In The D-League

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7.06 games on tap tonight.  That's way too many to break down, so you're getting snippets.  I'll break it down in order of games that might mean something.  Enjoy!

First, Colorado @ Utah is going to be what some might call a "doozie."  First, there will be a 25.2 second game, a half hour before the actual game.  Random? Yes.  But Marat Kogut officiated their first meeting and craziness ensued.  Don't act surprised.  This game will feature an amazing amount of NBA talent, including assignees Sonny Weems, Mo Almond, JR Giddens and Kosta Koufos.  Utah needs to win for a chance at winning the division.  Colorado doesn't need to win, but I'm told they're not shutting their team down yet - especially considering the 155 they hung on Albuquerque after clinching the D-League's best record earlier this week.  I'm taking Colorado in this one.  In fact, I'm taking Colorado in every one.  The jinx is on.

Bakersfield @ Idaho. Wow.  This game has already reached epic proportions.  It's Randy Livingston day.  Deane Martin will be assisting on the opposite bench.  Bakersfield can clinch with a win.  Idaho can keep their grip on the division with a win.  Rumble will be in attendance.  Joel Abelson wine cooler coozies may or may not be given out.  Nate Jawai hopefully will be upset that a guard, albeit retired and his current coach, is getting recognition pre-game.  Should be fun.

Sioux Falls @ Iowa could be a good one.  SIoux Falls is fighting for their playoff lives.  Iowa clinched, but can clinch the division with a win.  The series is tied 3-3.  I'm interested in seeing if John Edwards can play well again.  If so, Iowa could scare me going into the playoffs.  I'm taking Sioux Falls - expecting a big night out of Sioux Falls assistant Tony Fritz.

Erie @ Fort Wayne probably won't be much of a game, but I'd expect Jaren Jackson is fighting for his coaching job.  He's got the opportunity to roll over as they're out of the playoffs and his best player, Chris Hunter, is out.  Maybe if he can play spoiler to Erie, who still has a chance to take the division with a couple wins in Fort Wayne, his job will remain intact.  If not, I'm all for bringing back Doug Noll!  Darkhorse candidate: My old assistant in Minot, Mike Sanders.  Love that man.

Anaheim @ Dakota probably won't be an exciting game.  As far as I can tell, Dakota clinched last night with the Reno loss.  Anaheim has lost 10 in a row.  Sam Vincent won more games in the NBA last season (32) than he has in the D-League this season (15).  Watch this one to see if you see me talking to Paul Mokeski.  I'll hopefully join in on the chat if anyone else is around.

RGV @ Austin won't mean anything.  Watch this to see how hurt Austin has been from their two recent call-ups. OR to watch Kurt Looby do his thing for RGV.  OR if you like Quin Snyder.

Tulsa @ Albuquerque may as well go unwatched.  I don't see a positive in this game, besides Will Conroy.  He's positive!  He also was just named Sportsman of the Year.

Be ready.  Futurecast is going to break.  I'm fairly certain President Reed himself read my blog, noticed that I needed to watch the Dakota-Iowa game to break blogging records, and shut down Futurecast the night before to get all buffering out of the way.  Thanks Dan!  

Anyway, with 7.06 games on tap tonight, I'm going out on a limb and saying it's going to be choppy.  I'll try checking in frequently, but I'll be at the Anaheim-Dakota game, and occasionally my local-celebrity status keeps me busy.