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A lull is not upon us

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Now that the D-League season is complete (Congrats Colorado!), don't think that this is an excuse for you to stop visiting Ridiculous Upside.  While we'll be taking the rest of the weekend off to celebrate Jon L's birthday and the NFL Draft (save for any breaking news), we'll be back and as great as ever Mondayish morning.  We have lots of plans for the offseason, though not all of them are finalized.  Here's a summary of some of our plans:

  • Over the next week, I'll look at genius draft picks/terrible draft picks/my preseason predictions and anything else.  Doing my homework, Brandt, I see some things where you may question my basketball IQ.
  • Since you come here, more than likely, to learn about the next big thing (Trey Gilder anyone?), we're going to be looking at the NBA Draft in some detail.  We already have brought in Steve Neff who plans to help us out a bit in this regard.  I'm not an NBA draft expert though, so I'm actively scouting the interwebs to find someone that can help fill that role.  If you're interested, click on my name, shoot me an email, and we'll go from there. 
  • We'll also be focusing on the Summer League's pretty extensively.  I'll be in Vegas and (hopefully) Utah, but we'll be looking at this long before mid-July.
  • We plan to break down what went right, what went wrong, who was a stud for all of the D-League teams, starting with a look back at Colorado coming soon.
  • Welcome To Loud City's been doing some neat "end of season eval's" that we plan to incorportate over here.  If there's a player that we think might have a shot in the NBA someday, we'll get you an in-depth scouting report in the coming months.
  • I'll keep an ear to the ground regarding any other D-League changes: coaching movement, the Colorado situation, what Josh Davis has for breakfast, who Kentrell Gransberry twitters about, and anything else that might be exciting from the D-League.
  • I plan to do some in-depth interviews with random people throughout the D-League, from players, to coaches, to staff.  If you have any requests let us know.

Those are just some of the different ideas that we've thought up recently.  What makes SB Nation fun though, is that you can think up your own ideas and get them put on the frontpage as well, right along with myself and Jon L. To do this, check out this tutorial and then get your opinions to the masses (or the 583 average unique readers to RU each day!).  If you don't feel like posting something, but feel you have a good idea, feel free to email me (RidiculousScott (at) Gmail (dot) com) and we'll do our best to look into it.  Even if you don't have any ideas, let us know you're reading.  Don't be a lurker.

Finally, a big thank you to Jon L and especially to all of you commenters and readers for making this season so much more enjoyable than I had assumed a D-League blog would become.  Granted, we don't have too many commenters, but am hoping some of you readers start letting us know what you like and don't like.  I encourage you all to quit lurking like the Iceman once did, and instead become a valued part of our community.

Ridiculous Upside saw tremendous growth this season (it was embarassing when I used to liveblog by myself), but I think we can make it better.  So, let's get it started!  Leave your ideas/suggestions as to what can make this blog better and we'll do our best to make it happen!  (And if we don't get an adequate number of comments, I'm not afraid to leave this up until they do become adequate)

Thank you,

"Ridiculous" Scott Schroeder