Playoff Push Continues

RGV @ Austin - Both teams lost their best player, coincidentally named Williams - Austin's Marcus to the Spurs, RGV's Jawad to the Cav's. Albuquerque @ Colorado - Albuquerque's missing Mo Sene to a call-up and Antonio Meeking to injury. Albuquerque's slim playoff hopes will more than likely come to an end tonight. Bakersfield @ Idaho - Bakersfield can clinch with the win. If Idaho wins, they'll maintain their lead on Utah for the division. Utah @ Anaheim - Anaheim's got a lot of chances to play spoiler the rest of the week. Let's see how it starts. I'm not sure anyone will have any thoughts, as these games aren't being Futurecasted, apparently due to problems with the league server. At least their aren't three games that will help determine the playoffs and one that includes Austin, a team that still has quite a bit of NBA talent.. WAIT A MINUTE!

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