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Last night in the D-League

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Jon L was at the RGV-Austin nailbiter last night, so I'm going to let him provide the in-depth analysis for you this morning.  We broke two call-ups in the past two days.  I'm worn out!  So in the meantime, let's lighten the mood for a bit.  True, this won't be better than Kickin' It With Kiz and Chad Andrus, which will debut on Monday, April 20th at 9am on, but what is?

That's right, Joel, loosen up that tie.  Put the stats away.  Turn on some old school Tupac and just relax while reading the Ridiculous recaps.

First, the D-League had issues with Futurecast last night.  My sources are usually correct, and this seems unlikely, but possible, but unconfirmed, that someone within the D-League leaked to China that Sun Yue was guest-refereeing.  Being the dedicated blogger I am, I did some homework for you all... and got you the exclusive video of Sun Yue's referee entrance out in Utah.  This is the exact music and swagger I assumed "The Heartbreak Kid" Sun Yue would bring, but he looks different - must be the sprained ankle.

Note: This was not broadcast on Futurecast, so I can't confirm it since I didn't see it, but I'm under the assumption Sun Yue fit right in next to the almost-as-great Kevin Cutler and the rest of his officiating crew.

Anyway, I watched the Bakersfield @ Idaho game (only game of the four on Futurecast), but it wasn't that exciting  - they panned, nay, zoomed in, on a MILFish looking blonde at 9:59, according to my notes, while the ball was in play in the frontcourt.

Instead of telling you about the only game I could watch, I'll give you the big news of the night: Colorado scores a lot of points - 155 against Albuquerque.  Apparently defense wasn't a priority for Albuquerque judging by that score - but scoring still was!  My new buddy, Mr. William Conroy himself (!), went off, scoring 53 points and turning the ball over only four times!  I didn't watch the game, but he shot a good 15-of-31 from the field and made 18-of-25 from the charity stripe. I'd assume Nick Buchert helped him out in that aspect - maybe Sun Yue should have been a special guest referee in this game - but again, I didn't see it, just speculation since no Futurecast.  Back to what I was talking about: William Conroy scored 53 points.  That's a D-League tying record!

Colorado had a million players help them out.  Nine of their 10 players scored in double-figures, led by Trey Gilder.  You're going to know Trey Gilder if it's the last thing you do.  Trey Gilder finished, OFF THE BENCH, with 26 points, shooting 12-of-14 from the field, along with grabbing 10 boards in 28 minutes.  If anyone knows Chad Ford's phone number, hook me up.  This draft class is stronger than he thinks!  

I'd try singling out more guys, but nobody had a double-double, just lots of points, which makes sense in a record shattering 155 point outing.  Instead, I'll tell you this: Colorado shot 63.8% from the field.  If they had shot better than 71% from the free-throw line or got to the line as many times as Albuquerque was given, they probably could have scored a million points.  Bob MacKinnon, you deserve an award.  Or a feature on RU.  Call me up - just don't tell me my website isn't funny, or you'll be mentioned here more than Joel Abelson (who also doesn't think I'm funny).

Continue on for what I was able to put together on the Bakerfield-Idaho game, because Utah blewout Anaheim by 15 and just didn't interest me.

For my Idaho review, let's hear from Mr. Potatohead himself and a faithul Idahoan, Rumble (with my thoughts sprinkled in as necessary, italicized, and brought to you by colors - those wonderful things that brighten my life not named Sun Yue).


Close to the order of importance:

  • Dude almost won a truck in the Dodge-Shot-at-Destiny (layin, freethrow, 3 & half court shot in 24 sec.). If Roberto Bergersen hadn’t found his shot on the Frozen Tundra, Dude would have his spot. I think the important questions here are, what color was the truck and how does a layin differ from a layup?  Would the Idaho PR team have had an easier time selling this signing or The Return of Nate Jawai?
  • Big Dan Reed in the House. Announced 2010 Showcase in Boise (yeah). Gave Lance Allred his 3rd team award (which looked like he picked up at Office Depot just before the game) and gave Brent Petway his “Golden Globe” for D-fender of year. Mom Petway was there to cheer him on. Nice. What color tie was Dan wearing?  I remember Mom Petway from when Petway won the college dunk contest - I like her.
  • I am worried that someone is going to give Petway a 10 day…he was pretty dang tough tonight and dominated the game when he was in. Sacramento is probably looking for a D-Leaguer, but I have no clue what position.
  • If the DLeague was like Little League where the winning all-star team could pick up a kid off one of the other teams, I would pick up Trey Johnson. He pretty much does what ever he wants to do... I would have picked Nick Lewis - that'd give you a front court to rival the best awkward big white guys in history.
  • ...Which fortunately for the Stampede did not include defense. His teammates felt the same way. Stamps had to be shooting way over 50% into the fourth quarter. Actually, they shot 52% on the game, so even through the fourth quarter!
  • Sun Yue would be a close second to Johnson, of course. For his intangibles. Your 'Stamps' didn't play Sun Yue - and I already made this pick - it's Nick Lewis.
  • I wish the playoffs started this week.  Me too, but I'm pretty excited for Selection Sunday!
  • Nate Jawai seemed happy to be here – he got the ball and he passed the ball. Must have got an upgrade to a suite or something. I used to be a hotel manager (True Story!) - I used to do that for people that complained too much, but were still there for awhile.  Jus' sayin.
  • Heard RS’s twitter buddy, L-Boogie23, closed his account to prying eyes. No boomness there I guess. Don't worry.  We're still friends.  Tell whoever you heard that from to stop creeping, by the way.  Kthanxbai!
  • Bakersfield really needs to step it up, surprised that a team in the playoff hunt would come in so flat. Last time I said anything Scott Roth's Jam struggling on offense (WAY early in the season), I got an email, so we're staying away from that this morning.
  • It was an ugly game, but when you are at home and waiting for the playoffs to begin, you’ll take it any way you can get it. That's what she said.
  • Coach Joel looked like he took very good notes... Good job Coach!
  • …and Randy Livingston looked very dapper as always. I wonder what his beer coolie will look like.  Ms. Giery, I'm going to need a picture - by the time I wake up this morning, hopefully.

Also, if you need more random thoughts from the best posters on RU not named Jon L or Alex Del Barrio, check our open thread out from last night - I'm hoping to replicate this tonight.