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Boise, Idaho to Host 2010 D-League Showcase

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<strong>JamesOn Curry</strong>, <a href="" target="new">pre-sweet afro</a>, post peeing outside in Boise two seasons ago.
JamesOn Curry, pre-sweet afro, post peeing outside in Boise two seasons ago.

I'm not the biggest fan of this, as it would have been lovely to have it in Bismarck (in case I get a regular job and never get to leave this lovely metropolis), but I guess I can deal.  I mean, I nearly drove 10 hours to Iowa today for a regular season D-League game (My lack of sleep just wouldn't allow me to make the trip - it told me about 20 minutes ago - even though Iowa was going to make me feel important and get me a credential!  I owe you, Mr. Makris!)

Anyway, on to the good stuff - They've hosted the Showcase before which is a positive.  They apparently have a hotel connected to the arena, which is another positive.  I believe Matthew Brennan broke my favorite ever D-League story there - Marat Kogut is a magician when not reffing D-League games.

Now, on to the negatives - It's cold.  It's not a cheap flight.  People get in trouble there.  Yes, in Boise, Idaho.  If you'll think back two short seasons ago, Boise started the demise of current Iowa Energy guard JamesOn Curry's career.  He was going through the motions of being an NBA-assigned player, and boom went the dynamite.  He left a bar, peed on a building, ran from an officer, locked himself in his hotel room, was arrested for fleeing, and shortly thereafter, released from the Chicago Bulls.

The NBA would never have the All-Star game in Vegas again; why is the D-League going back to Boise?