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Random Bullets From Around The Non-NBA

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I always feel like I'm mailing it in with bullets, but no one complains and I'm able to get a lot of information out there in one little scoop, so expect these when I have writer's block.

  • First, the saddest bullet, but the one that's hit me the hardest.  My mentor and friend, and until Tuesday, the GM of the Dakota Wizards, was fired.  Tom Wagganer, and I may be biased but don't think I'm going to be the only one saying this, was, at the least, the hardest working dude in the D-League (not counting Swish, of course).  He's a great seller, knows the intricacies of the D-League better than anyone in the D-League, and is one of the nicest guy I've met.  Frankly, I'm pissed about it.  Wagganer, however, has taken the high road (1:20 mark).
  • If you want to see how unpopular I am, check this out.  Not one comment.
  • According to the Deseret News, the Orlando Summer League will have six teams:  entries from Boston, Oklahoma City, Indiana, a combined New Jersey-Philadelphia team, the Jazz and host Orlando.  Interesting New Jersey and Philly will combine.  I also assume this means that OKC will win the lottery, as last season Chicago went to Orlando and won the lottery.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • This seems important.  The D-League linked to our pals Liberty Ballers (a fanshot no less) on their facebook site, so I assume this means as soon as they see this, it'll be posted.  No love for RU, though.  Also, no offense to Liberty Ballers is meant.  Jsams does an awesome job, even if he does fan post his D-League coverage!
  • Yesterday, Iceman made an interesting point in the comments.  It was a little out there, as per the usual when he comments, but I'll copy and paste it anyway: We should have some kind of Virtual NBA where they use some of the same offensive and defensive sets and are somehow affiliated to the NBA teams. Then players can get "called-up". Brilliant. Now if only the NBA would accept it...  I too have thought of this crazy idea (and may delve into it further tomorrow *tease*), and I think the best way to utilize this would be to use the Dana White approach.  (don't rely on clueless owners ($2 million practice facilities, et al.), keep the great American players in America, do what makes sense (i.e. Don't shamelessly promote Sun Yue).  I'm close to giving up on Bakersfield and just buying the D-League.  Anyone have David Stern's number?
  • I wish this was a joke.  Sam Amico makes me cry each time he releases something as of late.  His first mock draft had DeJuan Blair at 37 (freakin' typo) and now this.  Only six D-Leaguer's on top 3 "all-minors" team?  Ugh.  There at least should be some criteria on here as to how they selected these guys.  I assume for the 2nd team it was "create a team impossible to watch AND coach."
  • The best minor league team no one in the world has ever heard?  It has to be this one.  Bryon Russell, Toby Bailey, Fred Vinson, Lamond Murray and Keith Closs.  Seriously.
  • So Bill Simmons ignored me last week when I did the whole "Bill Simmons should help us buy Bakersfield" post.  He did get a D-League mention in today in an interview with Malcolm Gladwell (briefer than my career as Director of Operations of the Minot Skyrockets, so you'll probably have to hit search).  Regardless, I think it was directed me.  Thanx, Bill.  We're back to BFF status.
  • Demetris Nichols is working out with Oklahoma City, Memphis and Toronto coming up after working out in Indiana yesterday.  I wish I knew someone that knew Bill Neff.  Sounds like he's doing work for Nichols.