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Around The D-League

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"What?  The D-League!? I thought you turned into mock draft central, judging by the Fan shots, along with your last 43 posts."  Well, we did, kind of.

Until the draft, we'll be covering it, any D-League happenings, and Summer League stuff as much as possible.  Anything to fill until Vegas baby, basically.

  • Duane Ticknor is sort of out in Dakota.  He says he's looking at other options and the Wizards are supposedly looking at other options, but neither actually comes out and says Tick won't be the head coach in Dakota next season.  I'm under the assumption that'll be the case soon enough.
  • In that same article, Lou "Alcindor" Babiarz mentions that Renaldo Major and Blake Ahearn will both be trying out for Oklahoma City sometime this summer.  Should be a good opportunity for both, as OKC could use shooting and defense.  Ahearn can shoot, Major can play defense.  Sign 'em up.
  • A little update on the Mike Sanders to Fort Wayne movement.  It's done.  Coach Sanders was notified yesterday that he's out of contention.  Disappointing.  I've heard that they've apparently talked to nearly every D-League coach from last season though (including Ticknor on Monday), so I guess I can't be too upset.  Sanders will get his shot somewhere, unless the D-League has taken on the old retread role the NBA seems to love so dearly.
  • This list from PBN is, I'm convinced, the reason why I'm beating my brother in Challenge: Weight Loss '09.  See, everytime I look at it, I involuntarily start to vomit all over.  If I can't get a girl to come into my humble abode for the rest of my living here, I blame Sam Amico's Top 10 Coaches Not In The Minors List for making my place smell.  It's seriously that bad.  His top coach, Steve Tucker, led the Wizards to their worst season ever.  My dad didn't get season tickets for six seasons after Tucker coached here because of how terrible Tucker coached.  I will say Bryan Gates was deserving at the two spot, but there's not much else I agree on.
  • I'll be mostly AWOL until Sunday evening, more than likely, so don't wait up.  I'm covering some car racing tonight (I'm a real live journalist!) and then Saturday night I'll be enjoying brews and Bloody Elbows with my favorite former commenter JRose, with the scant chance of a little wedding crashing.  When not partaking in my most exciting weekend since the CBA folded, I'll be reading Longshot: The Adventures of a Deaf Fundamentalist Mormon Kid and His Journey to the NBA.  Former Idaho Stampede center Lance Allred wrote it, and so far, it's great.  I'll have a full review up Tuesday morning, when it's released to the public, to give you another reason to go buy it.  Lance Allred FTW.