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2000 NBA Draft Second Round Re-draft Part 1

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<a href="">Michael Redd</a> is well known for being a second-round steal from the 2000 draft.
Michael Redd is well known for being a second-round steal from the 2000 draft.

So it's come to this.  The 2000 NBA Draft.  The Kenyon Martin draft.  The Kenyon Martin-Stromile Swift-Darius Miles-Marcus Fizer draft.  Internet expert Wick E. Pedia calls it "the worst draft since the 1986 NBA Draft."  FreeDarko wrote about what a black hole this draft was in their Macrophenomenal Almanac.  For some reason, unless I hear otherwise, this will be our final look at past second rounds.  Remember, this exercise is to try and demonstrate that even "weak" drafts have quality players in them later on, when the deputy commissioner is calling the names.  Part 1 is after the jump, but I warn you: don't look directly at it.  I recommend one of these.

30. Los Angeles Clippers (original pick - Marko Jaric)

First of all, congratulations to Jaric and his hot wife on their first child.  Unfortunately, Jaric won't get to celebrate by being our first pick.  Instead, that honor goes to Michael Redd, one of three All-Stars to come out of this draft.  The other two are Kenyon Martin and Jamaal Magloire.  Let's move on.

31. Dallas Mavericks (original pick - Dan Langhi)

Langhi was traded for Houston's second-round pick, Eduardo Najera.  Najera had a few decent years in Dallas and in Denver, so we'll take him here since the Mavericks apparently wanted him so much.

32. Chicago Bulls (original pick - A.J. Guyton)

This was back when playing basketball at Indiana meant something, namely being overrated by NBA front offices.  Chicago has three straight picks in this draft (they obviously wanted to get in on all the talent available), so to a certain extent looking for positional fit doesn't matter.  Eddie House has become a solid rotation player with the Celtics, even though he's a point guard who can't handle the ball, he's still turned out better than Guyton.

33. Chicago Bulls (original pick - Jake Voskuhl)

Apparently the Bulls front office that year only scouted the NCAA tournament and thought they were done.  We know better, though, and will draft Ime Udoka.  Even though Udoka's a late bloomer, to say the least (I hadn't realized he's 32 years old), he's developed into a solid wing defender with the Spurs.

34. Chicago Bulls (original pick - Khalid El-Amin)

See what I mean about scouting the NCAA tournament?  Also, I'm sure Guyton had a lot of confidence after his competition was drafted two spots after him.  We'll do pretty much the same thing to House, though, and draft Eddie Gill.  Gill was actually a shooting guard originally, but as we've seen in the D-League, his offense-running skills are better than his three-point shooting, and he'll complement House well.

35. Washington Wizards (original pick - Mike Smith)

Fun fact time!  The Wizards already had a player on their roster named Michael Smith.  This Wizards roster was a mess.  The team had recently traded Chris Webber to the Kings for Mitch Richmond, who was pretty much done (it still hurts to type that).  Also featuring Richard Hamiton, Hubert Davis, Cherokee Parks, Christian Laettner, Calvin Booth, and Tyrone Nesby.  Chris Whitney!  Jahidi White!  Popeye Jones!  Laron Profit!  Basically, WizzNutzz couldn't have existed without this roster.  Let's face it, though, anyone we pick here would likely be traded eventually for not doing what Michael Jordan wanted.  Point guard is a slight need, so we'll go with Jason Hart, who had a decent year or two with Sacramento.

36. New Jersey Nets (original pick - Soumaila Samake)

Center was a huge need for this team, what with Jim McIlvaine, Jamie Feick, Vladimir Stepania, and Evan Eschmeyer all getting at least a handful of starts.  There are only five centers available, though, and unfortunately they don't get much better than Samake.  Maybe we can trick the Nets into thinking they drafted Samaki Walker.

37. Miami Heat (original pick - Eddie House)

This is a roster without a completely obvious need.  I guess they could've used a backup power forward better than Cedric Ceballos.  I'm not sure Dan Langhi is better, but he's available, and he had a solid college career.

38. Houston Rockets (original pick - Eduardo Najera)

Well Najera's gone, as is the guy they traded him for, Langhi.  This team definitely could have used some better forwards, and while he's not much of an offensive option, Yakhouba Diawara has become a solid defender.

39. New York Knicks (original pick - Lavor Postell)

This team made the playoffs, and it's a solid roster, though Marcus Camby was their starting center, with Luc Longley and Travis Knight as the backups.  Given Camby's injury problems, we'll sigh a deep sigh and draft Jake Voskuhl here.

40. Atlanta Hawks (original pick - Hanno Mottola)

Same deal as Houston, they need an upgrade over Chris Crawford, Roshown McLeod and Cal Bowdler.  Mottola wasn't it.  And, much like what happened with the Rockets pick, we'll take defense-first Malik Allen.

41. San Antonio Spurs (original pick - Chris Carrawell)

I'll be honest with you, I had no idea who Chris Carrawell was.  Apparently he played on the same high school team as Jahidi White and Loren Woods, so...yeah.  The Spurs lost in the Western Conference Finals this year, but they were still pretty set for awhile.  Igor Rakocevic was/is an intriguing European prospect, though the Spurs did acquire him at one point then released him.  Still, he was the Euroleague's leading scorer in 2006-2007, which should count for something.

42. Seattle SuperSonics (original pick - Olumide Oyedeji)

How unsuccessful was Oyedeji?  His Youtube mix doesn't even contain video, it's just still pictures.  This was a top-heavy Seattle roster with a pretty much uniformly mediocre bench.  Into the void steps Marko Jaric.  He's not great, but he's an average player who's shown some staying power, and he's pretty much the best available, better than several players we've drafted so far.

43. Milwaukee Bucks (original pick - Michael Redd)

A great pick for the Bucks, obviously, but our job is tougher.  A guard was even somewhat of a luxury for them, as they already had Sam Cassell and Ray Allen, plus Rafer Alston.  Like Jaric, Brian Cardinal is better than some of the other guys we've drafted so far, so the Bucks will take him.

44. Detroit Pistons (original pick - Brian Cardinal)

It took me a while to figure out the difference between Cardinal and Brian Scalabrine.  Cardinal became a frequent trade throw-in,  but Detroit already has a lot of forwards.  I'm not sure Richie Frahm would've stuck either, but he's become a solid shooter in Europe and the D-League.