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What is it? It's an A-Bomb! From A-Rod! (J/K.. Just Bullets from Around the Blogosphere)

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Happy Mother's Day Weekend, RidiculousUpsidan's.  Since I had so many quality posts this week (like 3ish..), I'm giving you bullets today - I'm worn out.

  • I love ShamSports.  Everything about it.  Sham's my inspiration for using obscure references.  He's not a regular blogger, but when he does post something, I giggle.  No exception with his  "Players Whose Names Aren't (Or Weren't) Really Their Names" post.  Go over there for all of them, but here's some D-League highlights: Daniel Blake Ahearn, Rodrique Zsorryon Benson, Venard Richard Hendrix, Clinton "Trey" Johnson III, and Clarence Weems.  And some draft prospect highlights: Wardell Stephen Curry, Andrew Tyler Hansbrough, and Jerome "Gerald" McKinley Henderson.  Go check his list out for the rest.
  • JakeTheSnake (wonder if his last name is Roberts?) from over at BulletsForever put up a post today wondering if the NBA is really, as they say, a point guard-oriented league.  He concludes that big men are more vital.  He lays his argument out that big men are more vital, and as of now, I'm going to agree to disagree.  However, it made me wonder, what position dominates the D-League?  Eddie Gill vs. Kevin Kruger certainly wasn't an amazing matchup in the D-League Finals.  Just off the top of my head, I'm going to say the wings.  What do you think?
  • I'd now like to introduce you to Matt Hubert over at Blog Talk BayHawk, an Erie Bayhawks blog.  By far the nicest layout of any team-oriented D-League blog I've seen, and he's doing a pretty good job with the other aspects as well.  He also says we are "entertaining and well-written."  Kudos to you, Matt Hubert.  We'll have to talk next season, as the Bayhawks are my 16th favorite D-League team to write about (Erik Daniels at center just really took a toll on me this season).  I'll be linking to you often.
  • I am the Fort Wayne Mad Ants favorite blogger.  They're invited to my birthday party in September.  Email me your top 4 things about me and you might get an invite as well.  Follow me on Twitter.  And then follow them, if you're into turnbuckle references, which I am.
  • Nate Tibbetts, new coach of the Tulsa 66ers and previous coach of the Sioux Falls Skyforce, sounds like he'll have some extra duties in lovely Oklahoma: "That's the only reason I'm doing this," said Tibbetts. "If it had been just another D-League job, I wouldn't have left in a million years. The thing that sealed it was that (Oklahoma City) talked about wanting me to help out with NBA guys and be part of their situation there."
  • Maine's doing well thus far.
  • The founder of this blog, "Marvelous" Matt Moore, is trying to scare me, I think.  If he's not trying, he scared me anyway, when he said this over at Hardwood Paroxysm: "I haven't had a chance to cover the D-League this year. Next year? I plan on re-investing myself. But when I do return, I'm starting in a hole I helped dig. Because I gave Scott an opportunity, and now he is the Lord and Master of the D-League. If you're not reading RU, get going."  You'll notice next week a sidebar counter noting how many days until I retire.  I cannot compete with this man.
  • In the D League, Foothaulin got 3 TDs, the last with 45 seconds left, from Sean Fahey, to beat Ramrod 19-12. Inferno then beat Ramrod 20-6 as Dustin Smith threw for 3 TDs.  Wait, apparently the wrong D-League.  Thanks anyway, Joliet Herald News, for showing up in my Google Alerts!
  • SLCDunk has a nice profile of Mo Almond.  #FreeRonArtest?  FreeMoAlmond!
  • Blake Ahearn is working out with the Indiana Pacers next week.  Apparently, he has quite a few workouts planned, as when I asked him his Summer League plans via text (BIG TIME!), he replied "No not yet... have not decided which team I'm going with. Gonna go to some workouts first."  I'll keep you updated.
  • The Daily Thunder says "Sam Amico has a mock draft up: And finally, someone with a brain. It looks like he assessed the needs of the team and has OKC taking James Harden and passing on Jordan Hill. Unlike Draft Express and"  Yes, Daily Thunder, because Sam Amico's mock draft is amazing.  Tyler Hansbrough at 13 and DeJuan Blair at 37.  Exactly.  Wait. FAIL!  That's why I read WelcomeToLoudCity.  UPDATE: Daily Thunder is a good blog as well, and Sam's putting Blair at 37 has been described as a "freakin' typo."  All is well.
  • Don't forget to keep checking Golden State of Mind for the next installment of my interview.  I'm so money.