Transitioning from the NBA Draft to NBA Summer League coverage


Alright. It's going to seem as though we don't know what we're doing. This website, started over a year ago by Ridiculous Matt Moore, began covering the 2008 NBA Draft. Next, Matt transitioned into D-League coverage. Next, RU went on a seldomly-updated hiatus. Then I came aboard and Matt concentrated more on Hardwood Paroxysm. After that, I started doing more updates, but no one was reading. Then I occasionally posted sweet wrestling videos from the 90's. Next, we (we being I) added some commenters and jubilant Jon L came aboard. Then we kept dominating the internets. Then we started focusing on the Draft. Then I didn't post for a few days. Now it's right now. As the girls who used to reject my advances would say in fifth grade after I kept staring at them with a look of befuddlement because I'm basically an ice-devouring sex tornado - Get it? Got it? Good.

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