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Summer League Rosters - Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Oklahoma City Thunder's Summer League roster is pretty intriguing, and they may actually get to play some backcourt combinations that will also see time together in the NBA.

NBA Players: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Shaun Livingston, Robert Vaden, Kyle Weaver, DJ White, Serge Ibaka, DeVon Hardin, BJ Mullens
Russell Westbrook is exciting and Weaver is a solid backcourt-mate for him, focusing mostly on defense.  Livingston is intriguing as he rebuilds his career, and both he and DJ White played for the Thunder's D-League affiliate (as did Weaver, though only for a game or two).  Livingston didn't really stand out, though he can be excused for still getting his legs under him.  White is a big man but spends a fair amount of time shooting from the mid-range, and he's pretty good at it.  That's actually most of the roster.  New draftee James Harden is an interesting companion to all of those guards.  BJ Mullens seems to fit the role of "true center" that the team thinks it needs, though I'm really, really skeptical that he'll do well in the NBA.  Ibaka and Hardin were both 2008 draft picks who then spent the year playing overseas (with their rights retained, which is why they're up here), and Vaden may or may not go the same route.

D-Leaguers: Moses Ehambe, Keith McLeod
McLeod spent a handful of seasons in the NBA before ending up in the D-League.  He's kind of middle of the pack as far as scoring guards go.  Ehambe played for the Tulsa 66ers last year and he's a pretty good three-point shooter.

Undrafted College Players: none

Others: Marcus Dove, DeAngelo Alexander, Richard Roby, Kyle Hines, Doug Thomas
Dove is likely here because he went to Oklahoma State, but he's also a good defender.  He spent last year in Belgium.  Alexander is a shooting guard who played in Germany, where he was pretty up-and-down (scoring 3 points one game and 12 the next, despite playing the same number of minutes), and he doesn't really have an outside shot.  Roby is Kenyon Martin's half-brother and the University of Colorado's leading scorer.  Hines is a forward, though he's listed at 6'6", and reading about him he sounds like a slightly less-good Dominic McGuire (that's not an insult to either of them).  Thomas has bounced around between Sweden and the D-League, where he put up okay but not great numbers.