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Ridiculous Transactions: 8/31-9/6

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So long, Josh Davis.  Scott's going to miss you.
So long, Josh Davis. Scott's going to miss you.

Not much happened this past week save for a few minorly major signings, so this will be a post somewhat fitting for Labor Day.  Let's get to it.

September 3: Josh Davis - signed with Panellinios (Greece); Jason Collins - signed with the Atlanta Hawks; Mikki Moore - signed with the Golden State Warriors

We don't cover a lot of NBA moves here, but I thought I'd offer the above two as contrast.  Jason Collins can get an NBA job, but Josh Davis can't?  But Lance Allred can't?  But Will Frisby can't?  Even Mikki Moore, D-League success story that he is, doesn't really rebound much anymore, and never really did much else.  Sigh.  It's stuff like this that keeps us here at RU working and talking about these players.  Memo to the NBA: Davis, Allred and Frisby are all better than Jason Collins.  They can actually help your team.

The other thing worth mentioning is that Davis was another player drafted by the Red Claws who now won't be with the team at the start of the season.  I know the team likes to post comments here talking up their draft, but I'll just point out that the only frontcourt player whose rights they drafted who will actually be with the team come November is now Noel Felix, who is a solid defender but who offensively doesn't put much scare into other teams.  I'm not too surprised at Davis's move, as he's 29 years old, and even though he can play in the NBA right now, the NBA doesn't seem to be requesting his services anymore.  He has a family, so this was obviously something he felt he needed to do, and it's hard to argue with.

September 4: Pops Mensah-Bonsu - signed with the Houston Rockets

See Marge?  These guys get it.  It's officially official now, and while the contract is non-guaranteed and the Rockets have a lot of guys under contract right now, Chase Budinger and Jermaine Taylor are likely candidates to see beautiful Rio Grande Valley this season.  The Rockets also like to go big, so having five guys who can play PF/C isn't the worst thing in the world.  I'd also hope that at this point Mensah-Bonsu could beat out, say, Brian Cook for a roster spot, but crazier things have happened, like NBA teams continuing to pay Jason Collins.