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Portland Trail Blazers Injury Replacements, Chris Quinn Gets A Job And Other Things I Learned From Twitter

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Mystery Man, indeed, Sports Illustrated. Mystery Man indeed.
Mystery Man, indeed, Sports Illustrated. Mystery Man indeed.

I spend the majority of my time GTLing and dominating the local YMCA league, so I miss a lot of news when I'm not available to watch what is happening around the reporting world.

Thank God for technology, however, because I've been able to keep up with everything with just a few simple searches.

After waking up Thursday morning, a handy Google Alert was waiting for me in my Gmail inbox, alerting me that the Rashad McCants-to-Texas-Legends thing is still in a bit of flux according to Percy Miller via ESPN's Marc Stein.  Since it seems McCants will probably be the D-League story of the year in some form of fashion, I'm glad I was able to find out that McCants is represented by Percy Miller (AKA Master P / AKA the leader of the No Limit Soldiers) especially since Stein didn't tweet the link.

I was also able to use this technological advancement called Youtube to find Master P's greatest hits as well as the time he appeared on WCW Nitro and then linked them above. Seriously? Love technology.

The next thing I was able to learn via the use of technology were the players that the Portland Trail Blazers worked out this morning to try and replace the newly-retired Fabricio Oberto thanks to Ben Golliver from BlazersEdge via Twitter. It's a nice little bunch that features Idaho Stampede big man Eric Boateng, D-League stalwart Dwayne Jonesbetter-in-the-NBA Earl Barron and Sean Marks. Oh, and as always, Shavlik Randolph who will probably get the job.

Last, but not least, Chris Quinn has a job! Jeff McDonald from the San Antonio Express-News, which isn't a daily reader for me, reported that the San Antonio Spurs have released Bobby Simmons to sign the venerable Quinn.

And that's what I've learned in the last 36 hours that I probably wouldn't have if technology wasn't so advanced.