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Miami Heat Draft Solomon Alabi With 18th Pick In SB Nation's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

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The 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft is still(!) underway, with each SB Nation blogger making selections for their respective teams. David Dwork from Peninsula is Mightier, SB Nation's Miami Heat blog, checks in to make the eighteenth overall selection in this year's mock.

With the eighteenth overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, the Miami Heat select Solomon Alabi, center, Florida State Seminoles.

Dwork explains: Solomon Alabi is the kind of player that the Miami Heat brass love - a physical, hard worker who thrives on the defensive end and the progress he made during his time in college is a big part of why I'd like to see him in a Heat uniform next season.

Alabi had a great first year as a redshirt freshman and never took his foot off the gas, gradually improving during his three seasons at FSU.

He can be a major post presence which is another thing the Heat have lacked, something that will help Dwyane Wade get more room to maneuver. Alabi is an athletic 7-footer with a great wingspan and a big upside, and I think he'll be great addition to the Miami Heat.

Ridiculous Upside reacts: I have a feeling TAFKAMikeBourn won't be opposed to this pick. As a fan of Florida State athletics (mostly football), this is about where I'd select Alabi as well - I don't see him being a bust.

Ridiculous Upside's Top 5 remaining prospects: 1 - Hassan Whiteside, PF/C, Marshall. 2 - Gordon Hayward, SF, Butler. 3 - Damion James, SF, Texas. 4 - Larry Sanders, PF/C, VCU. 5 - Daniel Orton, C, Kentucky.

Sound off, SB Nation! What say you of the Alabi-to-Miami pick?

And please, remember to check out Peninsula is Mightier for everything you need to know about the Heat (including what Dwork thinks of a possible LeBron-DWade mishmash in Miami).