Milwaukee And New Jersey Might Be Making Deals


The interesting thing about this time of year is that there are a million things being said, a million things not being said and another million things reporters are saying that can't really be verified, but they say it anyway with "sources said." That said, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski went all atwitter Tuesday night with a potential deal between New Jersey and Milwaukee. First, the bombshell: Milwaukee will give Nets the 44th pick in Draft for Chris Douglas-Roberts, league source tells Y!. Now Jersey holds Nos. 3, 27, 31 and 44. But then, quickly: Quick correction: Nets and Bucks still finalizing the 2nd-round pick in Chris Douglas-Roberts deal, but one team exec. says won't be 44 now. Followed up with: The Bucks own the 47th pick in Thursday's Draft too. And then finally: Bucks won't give Nets 44th or 47th picks in Douglas-Roberts deal, team source says. Teams working on a future draft consideration. This story may or may not be developing.

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