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Darvin Ham T-Shirts! Get Your Darvin Ham Commemorative T-Shirts!

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Ham Makes Us Stronger.
Ham Makes Us Stronger.

So, this afternoon I received one of my favorite D-League promotional sales emails ever.


The text, shown below, was quite concise:

The Thunderbirds were proud to announce their new head coach, Darvin Ham, last week. Here is your chance to be part of the new championship team. The first 5 fans who buy a season ticket will received a FREE "Ham Makes Us Stronger" commemorative t-shirt. Call today 265-3865 to reserve your seat! Season tickets start as low as $6 per game.

Unfortunately, the pictures of the HAM MAKES US STRONGER (!!!) shirts didn't come through my email in a high enough resolution to fully capture the glory that is a HAM MAKES US STRONGER shirt.

So myself, being fearless me, requested higher resolution photos from the New Mexico Thunderbirds' staff.

Did it work?






As my buddy Stone Cold Steve Austin might say, Oh hell yeah.

And it looks like there are more than five available, fans, so I'll be sure to let you know when they go on sale!