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Denver Nuggets Invite Shane Edwards, Courtney Sims And Gary Forbes To Training Camp

 Courtney Sims, Shane Edwards and Gary Forbes have all been invited to participate in training camp with the Denver Nuggets  according to league sources.

With just 12 players currently under contract with the Nuggets, chances are good at least one of the three players are able to make Denver's regular season roster provided nothing happens before the season with the Carmelo Anthony situation.

I wrote the above up for Aol FanHouse (go read the rest), but since I'm not sure everyone is aware that I moonlight over there I decided better post it over here as well - just in case.

Shane Edwards is probably the player I'm most excited about just because he's basically went from an unknown prospect fighting to make it into a D-League training camp via an open tryout to now fighting to be in an NBA training camp less than one year later.

Hard work apparently pays off.