Think You Can Play? Attend A Local D-League Tryout


I wrote up a quick piece for FanHouse regarding D-League tryouts and was able to get a quick quote from Joel Abelson: "The Denver tryout went really well. We had sixty guys come in who competed hard and got after it," Idaho Stampede associate head coach Joel Abelson told FanHouse. "Masai Ujiri, the Denver Nuggets new general manager, even showed up to evaluate the talent in the building." Abelson mentioned that at their next tryout, taking place this weekend with spots still available, they are expecting Portland Trail Blazers executives Rich Cho, Bill Branch, and Michael Born to be in attendance. Fellow Idaho Stampede coaches Randy Livingston and Greg Minor are attending the tryouts to evaluate talent, as well, both knowing what it takes to reach the NBA from their personal experiences in the league. For the rest of the story, go here. For more information on Idaho's upcoming tryouts, go here. For a full list of tryouts, go here.

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