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NCAA Sweet Sixteen: Grading the D-League Prospects (Part 4)

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The fourth and final edition of this little side project that I had a lot of fun doing. This fourth section of the remaining tourney teams should have a few more prospects than the Cinderella-ridden Southwest Regional. Jump time!

Southeast Regional:


#8 Butler Bulldogs

PF #54- Matt Howard (6-8, 230. Senior) Possibly the hustle-iest player in the entire country, Matt Howard doesn't look to have great pro prospects, as he's a little undersized even for a 4. That being said, he plays his tail off every game, and showed some decent shooting range against Pittsburgh this past Saturday. It's not a stretch to assume he could be in the D-League.

G #1- Shelvin Mack (6-3, 215. Junior) Mack Attack can ball. He'll probably be a late first round pick with a long, successful NBA career as a backup combo guard. Despite that, he's totally a candidate to be sent down next season. He'd be a lot of fun in the D-League.

PG #5- Ronald Nored (6-0, 175. Junior) I seem to forget about Ronald Nored every time I see Butler play, and he always ends up impressing me in some way. He might not leave this summer, which could set up a Ramon Sessions like pro career for him.


#4 Wisconsin Badgers

F #30- Jon Leuer (6-10, 230. Senior) Another sweet shooting Badger big man in the mold of Brian Butch, Jon Leuer will probably play some time in the D-League.

PG #11- Jordan Taylor (6-1, 195. Junior) Jordan Taylor has emerged into arguably the best point guard remaining in the tourney (not named Kyrie Irving, Nolan Smith or Brandon Knight). He's undoubtedly the best point guard in the Big Ten, for whatever that's worth. Definitely a possible Developmental candidate.


#3 BYU Cougars

F #0- Brandon Davies (6-9, 235. Sophomore) Since he's no longer on the team, Davies could conceivably turn pro. As the only post presence on this BYU team, he has been sorely missed. That being said, I'm still not sure where his future lies.

G #4- Jackson Emery (6-3, 190. Senior) Sort of a defensive specialist, Emery still scores in double digits, and is easily the best player on this roster not named Jimmer. Definitely a possible D-Leaguer.

G #32- Jimmer Fredette (6-2, 195. Senior) Jimmer in the D-League? 30 points per game, easy. Not happening.


#2 Florida Gators

G #1- Kenny Boynton (6-2, 185. Sophomore) Boynton is a bit a flamethrower, albeit a tiny one. He could totally play in the D-League. Think a smaller Rod Wilmont type.

C #32- Vernon Macklin (6-10, 245. Senior) Macklin is a fringe NBA prospect, which of course means he's a D-League possibility. He's a bruiser, and would probably thrive in the NBA's official minor league.

SF #25- Chandler Parsons (6-10, 220. Senior) He hits big shots for this Florida team, and he does a bit of everything. I don't see how an NBA team doesn't take a liking to him enough to make a roster. He's what everyone thought Gordon Hayward should be.

F #23- Alex Tyus (6-8, 220. Senior) Just an energy guy, sort of like the D-League's own Marvin Phillips or Raymond Sykes. Some time in the D-League could certainly help him pro career.

G #11- Erving Walker (5-8, 170. Junior) I didn't list him as a point guard, because neither he or Kenny Boynton really play it. If Erv can improve his point guard skills, I don't see how he's not an NBA player in the future.

F/C #4- Patric Young (6-9, 245. Freshman) Young is to this team what Chris Richard or Marreesse Speights were to the Noah/Horford/Lee era Gators: a defensive presence off the bench. The difference between Patric and the first two (or at least Chris Richard) is that he has a lot of room to grow, both physically and in his game. He could develop into a very strong shotblocker down the road.

You might say he's an intriguing shot blocker, even.