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In The D-League, Things Happened This Weekend

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It's Monday morning. Usually I like to have some really great piece go up on Monday mornings but instead I spent my weekend playing in the North Dakota State Amateur Basketball Tournament with a team that called themselves the American Gangstaz (Embarrassed when I found out about that, was I) and doing other non-writing about basketball stuff. So, here's some links to other people that wrote about the D-League this weekend!

NetsDaily, the New Jersey Nets' team site here on SB Nation, talked to assistant Nets General Manager Bobby Marks about his team's acquisition of the Springfield Armor beginning next season. Among the highlights is that current coach Dee Brown isn't guaranteed to be coaching the Armor next season and that the Nets wish they could have developed Zoran Planinic in the D-League:

"We never improved our bench with our young players," Marks freely admitted. "They never got better. They flatlined. The Jason's and Vince's and Richard's got older and we never had those kinds of guys. A prime example would have been Marcus (Williams), Even Zoran (Planinic). The late twenties pick. They fall out of the rotation, get bad habits, never develop. if you had that D-League team, maybe it could have been avoided. They could have played!" Even this year, he thinks it might have been better if Ben Uzoh and Brian Zoubek, both undrafted but both given five figure guarantees, had spent time in western Massachusetts with a Nets-oriented operation.

I'm all for more Zoran Planinic-type players in the D-League.