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Nancy Lieberman, NBA General Manager?

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Nancy Lieberman made the announcement last weekend that she is moving from the Texas Legends bench to the D-League team's front office next season.

The Hall of Famer's next move could be even further up the chain of command -- Lieberman could be the general manager of an NBA team.

A column from Stuart London suggests that it could, or at least should, be a possibility in the future.

Say the furthest you went was playing for an Ivy League men's team (like current 76ers general manager Ed Stefanski) or you played women's basketball at the highest level, what really is the difference?

Maybe you didn't play in the NBA. But maybe you developed instincts for evaluating talent and assembling a team. Maybe those talents supersede the lack of play at the NBA level. Maybe those talents make you someone who can run a pro franchise.

In all honesty, I think Lieberman would probably do well in whatever role she decides to go in, but an NBA front office doesn't seem like an easy job without quite a bit of experience in that department.

Still, London suggests Lieberman might be what the Philadelphia 76ers need.

With the 76ers soon to have new owners, they might want to get a fresh start in the front office, someone with connections to the NBA champion's front office people.

Nancy Lieberman the next 76ers general manager? Is it that really that outrageous?

As J.P. from Angels in the Outfield once said, "Hey, it could happen."