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Win Chance to Meet Knicks' Reserve & D-League Alum Steve Novak At Steiner Sports

After paying his dues in the D-League, Knicks' top reserve Steve Novak is now thriving as an NBA player. Passionate fans now have the opportunity to win the chance to meet the sharpshooting forward in New York on December 1st. Read on to find out how.

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While fighting for a chance to play in the NBA, most D-Leaguers are not likely to be the ones dreaming of fame and fortune. Paying their dues in the minor leagues, simply breaking in to The Association is often enough of an accomplishment.

But sometimes, in the case of some of the NBADL's strongest standouts, a special gem here or there have the unique opportunity to achieve it all. Dating back to Matt Barnes, fast-forwarding to a more recent alum like Jeremy Lin, many of the D-League's top players have moved on to cash in on lucrative contracts and become household names for passionate fans.

Lucky enough to be along for the ride that was "Linsanity" in the Big Apple last season, Steve Novak thrived from being able to hit the hardwood with his former D-League teammate in the NBA for the Knicks. The sharpshooting forward and former Rio Grande Valley Viper & Reno Bighorn averaged 8.8 points and led the NBA in three-point shooting percentage with 47%.

Novak's breakout season helped him not only become of the bigger success stories the D-League has seen, but also emerge as a fan-favorite in New York City. Completely earning what he deserves, the Marquette product parlayed his success into a multi-year contract that will keep him a Knickerbocker for four more seasons.

Novak has achieved it all in just a short amount of time. He's experienced NBA success, the fandom, and cashed it all in for a well-deserved deal. But make no mistake, that hasn't changed the small city guy one bit. He still appreciates the support from all the passionate fans.

And now NBA and D-League fans alike have the chance to meet the down to earth veteran themselves. Novak will be appearing alongside Knicks legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier, and current Knicks teammate J.R. Smith on December 1st.

The special meet & greet autograph session will take place at Steiner Sports' Long Island, NY location from 3:30p-5p EST. For more information on how you can meet all three, check out the store's website by clicking here.

But to win the opportunity to meet Novak at the event, exclusively through, your task is simple: put your passion on display. All you need to do is tweet us @RidicUpside (or me personally @KnicksJournal) on Twitter and tell us why you're more deserving of meeting the Knicks' sharpshooter. Do you have a favorite Novak moment? Have you followed his career dating back to his early D-League days? Let us know!

After taking in all the responses, we'll award the one with the most passion and enthusiasm the chance to meet Novak. The announcement will come later in the week. Good luck. We look forward to the answers!