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NBA All-Star: Slam Dunk Contest In The D-League Should Be Fun Again

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UPDATE: Chris Roberts has apparently replaced Terrico White, due to injury. That's alright since he can do this.

NBA All-Star weekend is upon us, meaning there are only about 15 games left in the NBA Development League's regular season. On the bright side, however, that means the D-League Dunk Contest has another chance to blow its NBA competition out of the water.

We've been treated to some truly amazing dunks in past competitions -- James White proved that he can (literally?) fly; Chris Johnson dunked like a 7-footer shouldn't; and Dar Tucker dunked over a 7-footer (that was ducking just a little bit). Those three dunks have been a part of the past three D-League dunk contest competitions and, for my money, they probably beat the majority of the slams put through by their NBA brethren.

That's kind of a lot to live up to for this season's contestants -- Osiris Eldridge of the Bakersfield Jam, Zach Andrews of the Los Angeles D-Fenders, Terrico White of the Idaho Stampede (he's been out due to injury, but the D-League didn't name a replacement for him so ... who knows?) and the Springfield Armor's L.D. Williams -- but they likely have it under control.

If you don't want to take my word for it, videos of each player's best are embedded below.

Osiris Eldridge, 6-foot-3, 16.5 points per game for the Bakersfield Jam:

Terrico White, 6-foot-5, 13.1 points for the Idaho Stampede:

L.D. Williams, 6-foot-4, 15.5 points and 5.9 rebounds for the Springfield Armor:

Zach Andrews, 6-foot-9, 10.4 points and 8.5 rebounds for D-Fenders:

(Wait for the last 15 seconds to see what can really do)