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Introducing The New Team At Ridiculous Upside

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To all D-League enthusiasts and basketball fans alike:

I am Keith Schlosser, and I'm pleased to introduce myself as the new Managing Editor of Ridiculous Upside. I'll be taking over for the great Scott Schroeder, who recently took on a new and exciting opportunity in the D-League.

NBA fans may know me as the founder & editor-in-chief of, where I will continue to run things as well. I'm also a contributing writer to The New York Times' NBA blog, "Off the Dribble."

Scott did a masterful job providing the RU audience with fantastic coverage and an even more unique insight while doing so. I hope to build upon the great relationship he had with the readership, and feel as though RU has a great new team in place to help do that. Learn more about the new team after the jump.

Joining me on the new RU team will be three ever so qualified individuals. Gino Pilato, Wendell Maxey, and Ryan Ripley all join the writing team as contributors.

Gino comes to us from D-League Digest, where he has contributed excellent content for quite some time. There's no doubt readers will come to love and appreciate his fine attention to detail and passion for the D-League.

Past readers of the blog already know Wendell and Ryan, who join our new team after contributing last season as well. Whereas Ryan is likely to continue providing solid D-League coverage, Wendell will carry on, once again covering basketball overseas.

Each one of us brings a unique prospective, something that is sure to entertain readers as we examine the different happenings in the D-League, the NBA Draft, and leagues from across the pond this upcoming basketball season. Needless to say, I know we're all looking forward to it.

In the meantime, make sure you follow myself, Gino, Ryan, and Wendell on Twitter for the latest coverage and some fun interaction!