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Royce White Does Radio Appearance To Explain Refusal of NBA D-League Assignment

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Royce White has been hit hard with a lot of criticism as of late for his failure to participate during his rookie season with the Rockets, but the forward says a solid plan as to how to deal with his anxiety disorder needs to be put in place first. He went on a SiriusXM radio show recently to explain.


Royce White's rookie campaign has been anything but a seamless transition into the NBA from college ball.

Yet to play appear in a game for the Houston Rockets this season, the forward was failed to report for two separate D-League assignments to date.

White has instead continued to hold back, citing a lack of plan of action with regard to how to deal with/accommodate his anxiety disorder. What's more, his tweets and public statement(s) on the issue have been quite assertive, hitting the NBA hard for its unfamiliarity with how to help players who have the disorder along.

Going about things so publicly, rather than attempting to settle it behind closed doors, probably isn't the answer. If White truly wants to emerge as a pioneer and role model for those with such a disorder, he may be able to go about it differently. Fans and other media members alike seem to heavily disagree with the approach he took earlier in the week.

That said, the versatile potential Rockets' rookie further explained his situation on SiriusXM's "Off the Dribble" on Thursday afternoon. Still just as assertive, White did manage to refrain from blaming the Rockets for how sour things have become this season. The league, he added, should have a specific protocol already put in place for himself and the team to follow.

Taking a more politically correct approach, he went on to continue talking about being considered a role model of sorts. If the right protocol is put in proper place, White claims he would have no problem playing for the Rockets' D-League affiliate. Former NBA player (and current Iowa State head coach) Fred Hoiberg's former pupil also tried to explain that despite popular belief, such a saga has not be prolonged by him in order to force a trade.

As opposed to having to take less than 15 flights while playing in college, White would be forced to take a minimum of approximately 96 flights, had he started participating in his rookie season when it initially began. As part of White's disorder, the young gun has a fear of flying.

All in all, if nothing else, White's radio interview allows fans to hear quite a level-headed individual. Whether or not you believe and/or agree with his explanation, it's undoubtedly easier to take things in as the rookie actually speaks his mind, rather than reading it in a tweet and/or statement.

A larger snippet of the appearance can be found below.

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