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Will Tahj Tate End Up Playing in the NBA D-League This Season?

As many basketball prospects gear up for next week's NBA D-League Draft, has learned that Delaware State's Tahj Tate is also draft-eligible.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Interestingly enough, there was an intriguing mix of talented players who found themselves undrafted following June's NBA Draft. While the likes of C.J. Leslie (Knicks) and Phil Pressey (Celtics) have since caught on with NBA teams, one prospect worthy of being included in similar conversations has yet to receive such a call.

That player would be none other than Delaware State's Tahj Tate.

The young gun appears to be your classic case of a combo-guard who gets switched and swapped between the one and the two all too often. That said, Tate's high basketball IQ, maturity, and intelligence perhaps make him a more suitable player to run an offense.

It just comes down to getting the opportunity to do so. At Delaware State, Tate was recognized as more of a shooting guard. At the time, it's what the team needed him to be. Asked to carry some of the scoring load, the guard did so, proving his ability to score in bunches if need be. He's the type of player who can attack the basket and go to the hole, or instead, step back for a long bomb as well. There's no doubt Tate can score the ball, but a la Stephen Curry, he has the potential to do it well, all the while running the offense and finding his teammates in the right spots too. It all comes down to finding the perfect balance for all one's talents.

With the basketball season all but here, Tate is evaluating all of his options. But having already worked out for an NBA D-League this fall, has learned that the Delaware State product will take his talents to the minor league, if nothing else comes up beforehand. He is draft-eligible.

Tate has an interesting skill set, and the right instincts to go along with it. If anything, he just needs time to further his playmaking abilities by being given the shot to do so. A team (be it an NBA or a D-League one) needs to let a player like Tate loose by encouraging him to take the reins, develop some rapport with his teammates, and gain their trust enough to run the show.

Perhaps not the most well known player coming out of a popular school, Tate still appears to have enough potential and intrigue surrounding his game to back up such consideration. It'll be interesting to see where his journey begins.

All that said, whether it be via the minor league draft or an NBA assignment, many players in Tate's situation will end up spending some time in the D-League next season. It's all about proving their worth and capitalizing on such playing time when they get there.