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Brian Addison To Attend NBA D-League Training Camp With Erie BayHawks

After impressing during an open tryout with the Erie BayHawks, has learned that the Knicks' affiliate has opted to "protect" Brian Addison.


In anticipation of next week's NBA D-League Draft, there are hundreds of basketball prospects who are hopeful, but unsure, of where they'll go or who they'll end up with. Big man Brian Addison is no longer one of those young guns left wondering.

Instead, Addison's hard work has seemingly paid off. After strutting his stuff and playing well during an open tryout with the Erie BayHawks at the end of last month, the minor league squad has decided to "protect" the big man, has learned.

Nothing is guaranteed for Addison other than a spot to compete in training camp. But really, what more could any fellow aspiring prospect ask for?

Camp will be the time during which Addison will need to prove himself even further, but there's no doubt he's already begun to lay the ground work. The big man's unique skill set for a player his size helped him stand out last month. Though he stands tall at 6'10" and is listed at 235 pounds, Addison still has the uncanny ability to put the ball on the floor and run with it a bit. He has good control, and arguably even better range from all around the perimeter. Defensively, he's the type of player who will use his speed, stamina, and long arms to pester opposing ball-handlers all across the court. He's quite agile for a big man. See below for some further notes on his game:

Addison looked as though he had a leg up on the rest of the competition at the BayHawks' recent workout, and his selection into the top twenty players from the day only support that assertion. He was a top performer from the group present. There's no denying it. Having said that, it'd be all the more interesting to see how the big man would compete and stand up against some tougher and/or more worthy competition as well.

That's not to say he lacks experience against such opponents, however. A veteran of international play, Addison's career has already taken him to places like Portugal, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. What's more, the 26 year old is very active around the New York City competition circuit. A frequent participant in the Nike Pro City league during his summers back home, Addison has continued to muscle up against NBA level players through recent years.

Now all that's left for Addison to do is step up and prove his worth against more worthwhile competition. In training camp with Erie, the 26 year old will be tasked with holding his own against players with notable D-League and even NBA experience. It'll be interesting to see if he's able to make his mark.