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Sacramento Kings Summer League Participant Enters NBA D-League Draft

After playing for the Sacramento Kings in NBA Summer League, CMU guard Kyle Randall is eyeing an opportunity in the D-League to prove he has what it takes to compete at the pro level.


There are a plethora of up and coming basketball prospects who are hoping to use the NBA D-League as their platform to prove their skills will translate to the pro level. Such young guns are taking this time to declare for the minor league's draft (which will take place this Friday, November 1st). One of those players is Central Michigan guard Kyle Randall, a source tells

As it just so happens, this isn't the first line of exposure Randall is getting to the pro game, Back in July, he turned up on the Sacramento Kings' NBA Summer League roster in Las Vegas. Though he struggled there, there's still much left to be intrigued about when it comes to the young point guard.

Listed at just 5'11" and 165 pounds, Randall is a much smaller player than perhaps most scouts are used to observing. That said, by choosing to declare for the D-League Draft (and in hoping to get selected later this week), Randall is aiming to provide himself with the necessary opportunity to prove he has what it takes to compete anyway.

Last season, as Randall finished up his collegiate career at CMU, he led all of the MAC conference in scoring at 18.7 points per contest. What's more, his 86% free throw shooting percentage also stood tall as a conference leading statistic. After watching game tape, it's easy to see that Randall is a very crafty point guard. He's very good at reacting to the defense, taking what they give him and making the most out of even what appears to be a small window of opportunity. Randall can take it to the hole, step back for a fadeaway jumper, or find an open teammate trailing on the side.

Seemingly not as bouncy as most other floor generals, Randall is a thinker. He reads his defender, and then attacks. Such instincts are a good thing for an inspiring point guard on the pro level to have. Should he get an opportunity to play in the D-League, it'll be in the minor league where Randall has to prove his potential (and already existent skills) can all come together for something even better. Despite his height, Randall has all the other tools necessary to succeed. It just comes down to whether or not he can develop his other skills (his passing ability, his defense, etc). to be on par with his impressive scoring prowess. If he can up his game that much more, there's no doubt Randall has a shot at going on to accomplish great things.

And that's exactly what the D-League is for. Randall needs a place to shine and put his potential on display, all the while tweaking the rest of his game enough to make it to the next level. The minor league would, undeniably, provide him that opportunity.