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Grant Jerrett Takes Interesting Reported Path to the NBA D-League

After not signing a deal with the Thunder upon getting drafted, Grant Jerrett will (reportedly) look to capitalize on the Kevin Durant-like skills he displayed while at college in the NBA D-League.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder like to continue drafting similar players at various positions. If something isn't broken, why fix it? OKC recognizes the types of players (and respective skill sets) they have come to admire. Last season, the Thunder took to the NBA D-League to further develop such young guns like Reggie Jackson (see Russell Westbrook) and Perry Jones III (see Kevin Durant) to better get them ready for the pro game.

With a new season all but weeks away, the team appears set to continue utilizing that very strategy yet again.

Grant Jerrett, a freshman out of Arizona, is expected to sign with the OKC-affiliated Tulsa 66ers for the coming season. Though the big man didn't exactly fill up the stat-sheet through his freshman campaign, he showed impressive range from all around the court, as well as versatility in his game. Needless to say, such characteristics are ones that the Thunder have found success with when it comes to their big men.

What's more interesting, is Jerrett's specific path to the D-League. A prospect full of promise, the 20 year old didn't go undrafted, nor was he someone who had trouble catching on with an NBA until the last minute. Instead, he was impressively enough the fortieth overall selection in this past summer's NBA Draft. That's relatively high, which means the minor league will see a very talented player hit its hardwood come November.

Although he's taken part in certain community-related events, Jerrett did not appear at OKC's media day, nor has he participated in any practices thus far. By not signing with the Thunder, he won't occupy a roster spot. That said, the team will still retain his rights while watching him strut his stuff with Tulsa.