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Looking at SB Nation's Best NBA D-League Content to End Month of January

As the month of January comes to a close and February begins, here's a look at some of the better NBA D-League content on SB Nation from the month's final week.


As more NBA teams continue to embrace the D-League, it only makes sense that more team blogs on the SB Nation network choose to recognize such efforts. These said minor league affiliates are only furthering their attempts to aid parent squads in the progress and development of the more promising young guns in The Association.

On that note, let's take a look at the better stories from around the network this week that covered some of the D-League more interesting happenings.

The Nets have begun to join the ever growing list of teams that not only assign younger players to their respective affiliate, but have also been sending them back and forth between both teams quite frequently. Our friends at examined a Springfield Armor loss from earlier this week, one during which the NBADL team was left to fend without the Nets' assignees.

And in the interest of focusing in on some of Springfield's more promising resident players, the blog also makes note here that big man Willie Reed is hoping that a Call-Up of his own soon comes from Brooklyn.

Over at, the editorial team takes a closer look at the progress of Diante Garrett, who followed in Kendall Marshall's footsteps with a recent D-League stint of his own.

Also from the Suns-themed blog, one contributor wonders when interim head coach Lindsey Hunter (who previously had traveled with Marshall during his minor league stint this season) will begin giving his younger players more time to shine on the court.

And though he has yet to grace the NBADL hardwood, has continuously monitored the progress of Aron Baynes as he's traveled all over the world to play ball. Now with the Spurs, the guys over at have begun to highlight the big man's early efforts to make an impact in San Antonio.

Speaking of players who have donned Spurs' uniforms, our final highlighted piece of the week comes from us right here at Pondering an NBA comeback, veteran Michael Finley could soon potentially consider using the D-League as his bridge back to The Association.

That's all for now, folks! Happy reading. Here's to hoping your weekend starts off on the right note.