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Between Toronto And Bakersfield, Quincy Acy Has Enjoyed Every Minute Of His Rookie Season

Toronto Raptors' rookie Quincy Acy has maintained a positive attitude regarding his first year in the NBA. Despite being assigned to Toronto's NBA D-League affiliate across the country multiple times, Acy has remained optimistic regarding his development as a player for the Raptors' organization.


With a record number of NBA D-League assignments this year, rookies have been selected to spend part of their first year campaigns with their respective NBA team's NBADL affiliate.

Quincy Acy has spent significant time as a member of the Toronto Raptors, as well as their NBA D-League affiliate, the Bakersfield Jam, as a rookie. The former Baylor standout has relished in both roles, and has maintained a positive outlook regarding his future with the Raptors' franchise. recently caught up with the 6-7, 235 pound Acy, while he plays a role in guiding the Jam to the NBA D-League's best overall record as an assignment player . Acy described his roles and expectations with both the Raptors, and Jam in his rookie season. "With the Raptors they're looking for me to be a spark off the bench, and add high-energy plays. In the D-League, my coach wants me to be more a scorer with a large role. It's really different between the two." Acy said.

Acy has played 15 minutes or more in three different contests for the Raptors this season. In those three games, he's has averaged 6.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks. Acy's best outing this season for the Raptors was in a home game against the Chicago Bulls back on January 16. He finished the game with his highest point total of the season, 8 points, and added 6 rebounds, to go along with 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in 15.0 minutes.

Acy exudes a positive energy and overall sense of enjoyment at this stage in his career. Perhaps it's because he feels privileged to have landed with the Toronto Raptors, after being selected 37th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft. Acy explained, "From my teammates in Toronto, to the coaches, fans, and people in the media, my time in the Raptors' organization has been amazing. It's truly been a great spot to land."

The Baylor product has appeared in 20 games overall for the Raptors, and has averaged 3.0 points, and 1.8 rebounds in 7.7 minutes. In terms of playing time, Acy has received more minutes with the Raptors' D-League affiliate, the Bakersfield Jam. In 29.5 minutes, Acy has averaged 13.5 points and 8.1 rebounds for the Jam. Acy has been assigned twice to the Jam, and made headlines back in December, when he received a speeding ticket upon getting word that he was going back to Toronto after the club recalled him.

Acy described what it's like to be constantly on call. "It's just like a spur of the moment thing. You really have no idea when it will happen. Anytime we hit the road, I bring all my stuff just in case, because I never know. When you're about to get assigned it's a little different, they give you a heads up as to when it's going to happen."

Perry Jones III was a teammate of Acy's back at Baylor, and the two players talk often about their similar situations as rookies in the NBA. Jones has had his fair share of D-League assignments as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Acy told that he often reaches out to Jones. "I try to be a teammate to him (Jones III) even though we obviously aren't teammates anymore. I try to give him encouragement because we are both going through the same thing. We talk about staying positive, and staying motivated as players." Acy said.

Both players were drafted with high expectations, and sometimes for players of their magnitude, it is easy to dismiss the real value of a D-League assignment. However, Acy has embraced his D-League assignments with grace, and enthusiasm. "I look at it as an opportunity to play the game that I love. I don't look at it like a demotion or anything like that at all," he added.

Acy has been a solid contributor for the Jam in the D-League. In 11 games, Acy has scored in double-digits 10 times, and he has started in 8 games for the team. It is a unique situation for him in Bakersfield, the team has been at the top of the NBA D-League standings for the majority of the season, and Acy has been a large reason for their success. Having a double-double guy like Acy, who brings a winning attitude to match his intense and impressive play, has been a luxury for the Jam.

Looking ahead, Acy wants to be a steady contributor for the Raptors, but also add his electric playmaking abilities when needed. "I want to be that high-energy guy that the team can count on. I'm constantly working on my game, and want to be known as a guy who will knock down an open jump shot if left alone." he commented. Many believed that Acy was a steal in the second round of the draft last year, and Acy seems confident that he will be able to provide the team with plenty of added spark while he's in a Toronto uniform.

The fact that Acy has been able to showcase his talents with the Jam, while helping the team stay atop the NBA D-League standings, reaffirms that Acy can be a future leader for the Toronto Raptors. Not only will Acy continue to develop his uptempo and powerful style of play, but look for the Texas born big man to spread his infectious positive attitude in Toronto for many years to come.