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NBA Mock Draft: Kings Select Michael-Carter Williams of Syracuse

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading their "team's" pick. We continue with the eleventh pick in the 2013 NBA Mock Draft with Sactown Royalty selecting Syracuse guard Michael Carter-Williams.

NBA Mock Draft Pick #11 -- Michael Carter-Williams, Guard, Syracuse

SB Nation's Kings blog Sactown Royalty explains the pick and trade with Liberty Ballers:

On the pick:

The Kings selected Michael Carter-Williams out of Syracuse. The tall, long point guard has evoked comparisons to Rajon Rondo, and while Rondo is special you can see that at the very least MCW projects as a good passer who can get it done on defense. Given the Kings' new identity and positional needs, this is a nice piece to slot in. While Isaiah Thomas has done everything he's been asked at point guard, the Kings simply need a stronger playmaker and opponent disruptor there. We also considered Dennis Schroeder and Gorgui Dieng.

On the trade:

At No. 7, we had three guys we were looking at. There was a good chance one of them would be available at No. 11, and we rated them all similarly. We made the trade conditional on one of the three being there at No. 11; if they happened to go 8-9-10, we'd have kept Anthony Bennett. As it turns out, all three guys were available at No. 11, so we went with the best backcourt defender (Michael Carter-Williams). We now have the No. 25 pick as a sort of "free asset."

SB Nation Scouting Report: Michael Carter-Williams

Updated 2013 NBA Mock Draft Board:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: NERLENS NOEL
2. Orlando Magic BEN MCLEMORE
3. Washington Wizards OTTO PORTER
4. Charlotte Hornets ALEX LEN
5. Phoenix Suns VICTOR OLADIPO
6. New Orleans Pelicans TREY BURKE
7. Sacramento Kings ANTHONY BENNETT (for Philly)
8. Detroit Pistons C.J. MCCOLLUM
9. Minnesota Timberwolves KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE
10. Portland Trail Blazers RUBY GOBERT (for Phx)
11. Philadelphia 76ers MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS (for Kings)
12. Oklahoma City Thunder
13. Dallas Mavericks
14. Utah Jazz
15. Milwaukee Bucks
16. Boston Celtics
17. Atlanta Hawks
18. Atlanta Hawks
19. Cleveland Cavaliers
20. Chicago Bulls
21. Utah Jazz
22. Brooklyn Nets
23. Indiana Pacers
24. New York Knicks
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Minnesota Timberwolves
27. Denver Nuggets
28. San Antonio Spurs
29. Oklahoma City Thunder
30. Phoenix Suns